15 living examples of the design of small balconies

15 living examples of the design of small balconies

In the city, most apartments have rather small balconies. This is not a big problem at the moment, because there are many ways to make even the smallest area dreamlike. How do you set up a cozy and comfortable seating area in the fresh air, we want to show you today. Stay with us and read on! You would certainly be inspired and want to realize a certain idea just on your small balcony!

Balconies wooden furniture armchair seat cushion

The balcony is considered here as an extension of the living room

Do you have a small balcony? Do not worry, because even there you can create a comfortable seating area with a beautiful view of the city or the nearby natural landscape. The seating comfort is ensured with the help of some comfortable garden furniture with backrests and cuddly home textiles. Many outdoor furniture is low, functional and flexible in design. The open balcony screen provides visual and sun protection. Would not you like to set up such a retreat outdoors?

Small balcony furnishing iron table potted plants

With the help of beautiful plants you can certainly create a great view

The small balconies must be treated with tact. In order to enjoy a nice view from the room, pretty green plants are arranged there. The minimalist wrought iron table looks almost identical to the railing and thus offers an unobstructed view to the outside. With the attachment of a folding chair, the pleasant breakfast in the fresh air would be possible.

Multifunctional furniture folding sofa set balcony

A multifunctional furniture set can be helpful for both eating and relaxing

How is the balcony or terrace best used? As a dining place or rather as a place to relax ?. Can not you choose between these two options? Then there are practical, foldable alternatives available like these in the picture. The lightweight material of the designer armchairs, as well as the small, three-legged table are arbitrary, better to say everywhere applicable.

Balcony small colorful folding chair blue balcony plants

Create a cozy, colorful garden on the narrow balcony

The cozy effect of a living area is often easily achieved with beautiful houseplants. There are many green plants that are easy to maintain and very adaptable after mooring. These include the Bergenia, the blue fan flower, the boxwood and the house shrimp.

Simply space-saving puristic balcony furniture set

Clear shapes and subtle colors ensure an elegant, timeless appearance

The minimalist balcony design is not a bad idea at all: simple, shapely furniture provides seating comfort and saves space. In this living example, the small seat cushions in sky blue add a touch of color and bring a fresh visual touch. The four-legged table in black and white looks varied and flexible. The timeless, classic balcony design is an eye-catcher, even if you can not afford a nice view of the green.

Balcony grill wooden table chairs cozy

The classic balcony furniture set: a table, a stool and two chairs

A real oasis of well-being we see here. The sturdy folding chairs create a small, homely outdoor area. Equipped with various plants, a bedspread and a parasol, the balcony looks cozy and inviting. The mini grill helps to prepare delicious steaks in the summer months.

Balcony use acacia wood table half round Ikea

Warm wood color conveys coziness; In this case, the semicircular table has space-saving features

Ikea comes out with a clever product idea again: this balcony table made of acacia wood can be used anywhere. The exciting appearance of a split dining table brings modern design and flexibility with it.

Furnishing idea small balcony sitting area gray

Spend your free time in a pleasant atmosphere

The small available out-of-range looks classy and sublime with its subtle color nuances. Designed as a dining area and decorated with balcony plants, this design can be described as uniform and trendy. What more could one wish for than a cozy terrace with beautiful plants?

Balconies iron balcony furniture weatherproof

Colorful, handsome balcony with wrought iron balcony set

This balcony likes with his colorful color combinations similar to the French style. The Ikea placemat is designed for outdoor use, i. the furniture is weather resistant. The seats have an opening for rainwater drainage. By the way, the wrought iron provides a great look and classic design.

Balcony narrow hanging plants railing flower boxes

Take advantage of the height of the balcony while concealing the pipe installation with plant pots

Smaller Balcony in the big city. Does that sound familiar? Here's a stunning balcony design idea: taking advantage of the available height to create a compact, personalized garden. Thin steel bars hold the balcony boxes tight Place, with the pipe installation cleverly hidden behind pretty hanging plants.

Balcony screen rectangular Screening modern

Get sunscreen and privacy now for the upcoming balcony season

The balcony screen is irreplaceable in many houses with neighbors in the immediate vicinity. A beautiful, stylish design adds to the trendy look of the exterior. The expensive variants have a tilting mechanism, as well as stable posture and weather-resistant material.

Screening mat Lounge chair Balcony Living tips

Everyone wants a privacy on their own balcony, while a privacy mat helps great

The privacy is also achieved by other means, such as the privacy mat on this photo. This definitely creates more privacy and blocks your eyes at least from the street. However, the treetops are still in the background while sunbathing.

Accessories Garden Outdoor carpet striped seating

The freedom to sit outdoors, experience on tasteful outdoor rugs

Not only for public places and excursions, these colorful, cheerful rugs are provided. Easy to transport and equipped with attractive striped patterns, these textiles completely replace any balcony furniture!

Cork iron Ikea handy

Innovative living design: seat made of cork

Ikea again achieves a home run: The choice of cork as a wooden alternative for the seating furniture helps their practical use on the balcony.

Small balcony comfortably set up fairy lights retreat

Chic balcony design for a longer stay outside

In the evening, an appropriate lighting seems to beautify the oasis of well-being. Whether in the form of fairy lights, scented candles or lanterns, you can effectively end your everyday life with their help.

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