15 creative shelf designs

15 creative shelf designs

Today we want to continue with useful information and practical tips. Our focus is currently on shelf designs for the home. We introduce you to different Ragal models and explain their spatial function. In our gallery you will find interesting shaped, classic and very unusual shelves. They always look different, but have the same aesthetic function, namely to change the look of a room. Are you curious? Then read on!

When we think of wall design, we often focus on wallpaper, color n or rather on architectural elements, but rarely on shelves or bookshelves, even if they are built-in are , Most likely the shelves considered by many homeowners as irrelevant wall hangings, such as tricks or mirrors , J e yet, a rare shelf unit could be our books and paraphernalia housed in such a unique way, completely transform the space in which it is located. Here are 15 examples of shelves whose scale or material they are to extremely cool alternatives to the well known bookshelf makes that easy against a wall is thrown ,

Zigzag design

Decorative wall shelf

Space saving and yet unusual is this "floating" shelf on the wall

It is not unusual that we to see a row of floating shelving units in an office or in the modern kitchen to get. On it you can showcase various souvenirs, travel and favorite books openly. Rarely could one be one s floating s Shelf like this in the photo Find , Although it is the same function Has like the straight shelves, bring his broken ones Lines and the pronounced angular profile certain dynamics in the room. In addition, this unusual design takes less Space on the wall than the usual shelf models ,

Every free space must be used to the maximum the

Shelf original design wood

The special design fits perfectly into the niche

In the Toronto based architectural firm Rad Design designed this shelf model and made it from wood and tubular steel. See it in the picture, it fits perfectly in the niche. It's very clever, um again room on the wall to save and a few cameras of the homeowner to show s.

F abel-like wall

Wooden shelves wall modern

The next two funky ones n Wall designs do not look ordinary at all and hardly resemble regular ones n Bookshelves. The small crosses on the wall in the first photo are positioned close enough to appear as built-in. S o looks just the whole shelf wall. The overall effect is comparable to the the 3-D wallpaper, completely in the chessboard Pattern on the whole wall.

Aslant asked and yet stylish

Module systems white shelf

Here you can have your doubts - is this a clever shelf or a striking wall covering?

The criss-cross placed Shelves here immediately fall out of the ordinary frame due to their weird design. But if you put your imagination into play, you discover the well-known diamond pattern on this wall. That's just the art of wall design with latticework, We are the first professional interior designer in America Elsie de Wolfe to owe.

Modern built-in bookshelf

Creative books idea design shelves

This stylishly decorated room has an undisputed highlight - the shelf wall, one does not see every day!

In every modern apartment, one strives today to make maximum use of any available space. Here's a good proof of this rule. A steep staircase leads up, along the narrow n wall and there you see an artfully built bookshelf! But why should it be placed right there? This logical question arises immediately, and not without a good reason. The creative solution adds an unexpected design element into the interior and do it for the homeowner entirely easy to take a bedtime reading on the way to the bedroom in the evening.

Wall wood shelf bookshelf

Here are your favorite books within reach, on this fancy shelf directly above your sleeping bed!

Living room book design wooden shelf

Even an old leader can get a new function

Cool idea shelf design

8 Picture: K: You can also use the free space under the stairs

Compact Furniture For Small Room Shelf ideas

An inconspicuous, but very smart conceived shelf design

Bookshelf wooden shelf

For the nursery this green tree is thought, where he acts as a bookshelf

countertop shelf kitchens design

While preparing food and drinks in the kitchen, it is necessary to have some cookbooks at hand

Wooden shelf ideas rattan baskets

The vintage style is varied and preferred by many homeowners

Creative home decor shelf

Shelf for cosmetics and other utensils in vintage bathroom

Kitchen shelf ideas kitchen

Am I mistaken or is this really a shelf in the dining room?

Kitchen shelf wooden shelf country house

This vintage shelf in the kitchen radiates the nostalgia of the past decades

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