13 wall decoration ideas for the home

13 wall decoration ideas for the home

Everyone Residents want to leave their mark in their own home and personalize their interior as interesting as possible. Unless you live for rent.

The tenants are constantly confronted with many restrictions. But there are clever ways to make the walls of the apartment look more beautiful. Our wall deco ideas may be inappropriate for those who do not want to see much paint on their walls and therefore do not hang artworks. The positive and practical thing about our tips today is that they do not require extra care and liability. The wall decoration ideas presented here can be realized without nails and screw holes. You spice up your wall until you move out. But then no color, no holes and no wallpaper.

We show you today, w as you can do to transform a space without the need for total change. We have freely selected our (fortunately!) 13 wall decoration ideas. You can use this as a source of inspiration and change the look of your rental home. In the realization of this wall decoration ideas can not and must not be damaged wall, so tenants and landlords are happy in the end.

Removable wallpaper


Removable wallpapers are available in different colors and patterns, so everything is up to you

Whenever most people think about wallpapers, the first one Word that comes to their minds is then "permanence". And you think that's not a good idea for a rented apartment. Removable wallpaper is the solution! Gone is the horror that you have to peel tiny pieces of thin, dried paper. The modern removable wallpaper can be easily stuck and take away easily. There are models in countless modern prints and patterns, so you are really spoiled for choice when they buy them!

Hang a beautiful tapestry and refresh the look of your rental apartment


A beautiful tapestry can totally change the look of a bare wall

A beautiful tapestry is not only suitable for bohemian interior. There are currently many interesting designs to be found , i. e. There are countless ways to customize them to any style of interior design. Geometric patterns or abstract prints correspond to the modern style, while executed in landscape paintings, quoted or in minimalist design make clear statements about your taste and preferred interior design style.

Light curtains refresh the look in the room

looking-bedroom bed-curtains

Light curtains complete the interior

If a wall If the carpet does not match your style, a curtain or curtain can bring a fresh touch to the interior. A simple drape lets the room appear in soft light without adding too much excitement. The brackets will not cause much damage. How do you like the sight of white curtains behind the bed? Adorable, right?

First Make a wall gallery

ideas-to-picture frame-shelves

Showcase your favorite pieces and create a striking wall gallery

Would you like to see the trendy wall gallery Achieve a look without drilling dozens of holes in the wall? However, you would still need a few holes in the wall to install open shelves there. After installation, put some souvenirs on it, your travel items and favorite books. Beautiful pictures and family photos also have their well deserved place there, right?

Put a popular deco element in frame!

wall design-ideas-living room-wande-accents

Framed photo or art piece will spice up the wall immediately

A great feat could be the accent Be your wall, if it weighs little. A nice poster or big photo could do the same thing. First, find out about new, alternative ways to attach them, such as wooden sticks or frames that give each piece of art a clean, clean look.

A large wall mirror immediately gives the room a new look

Floor mirror-designermobel

Two in one: a floor mirror is necessary for every home dweller and alters the overall look of the wall

In the rented apartment you need definitely a mirror, right? Take a bold step and get yourself a framed floor mirror! These mirrors are relatively inexpensive to find in the specialist market. You can lean a floor mirror against the wall so you do not need to drill holes. And another plus: the floor mirror reflects the daylight and makes your apartment appear brighter.

Let's go green!

grune-wall-ideas-house plants

Green houseplants on the wall steal the show!

On little green in the interior can never hurt. Change the look of your bare walls with some of your favorite indoor plants. These could be in beautiful ceramic pots and placed on open shelves. Or hang down from a ceiling hook! In all cases, green houseplants bring a fresh touch to the interior.

Wall tattoos and Stickers are a great idea for the bare walls


Refresh your bare walls with wall decals and stickers

wall Decal Labels and stickers are a common option to give the bare walls a new look. Whether like stripes, stars or dots of color, these are always a great deco idea! In this easy way, you can invite nature home by putting tree and leaf stickers on the wall. Or do you want to keep your favorite quote there constantly in mind? Yes, it is also fine! Because there is an endless array of styles and designs on the wall stickers. Consider the room size and placement of the stickers to get an interesting look. Decals come as stickers or wall decals, so you can easily remove them when the time comes for undressing.

neon Lightning is not for everyone, but they are very encouraging in the interior


A striking statement in neon light immediately attracts everyone's attention

Need a great one Eye catcher in the interior? Then reconsider the idea to place an interesting statement in neon light on the wall. It does not have to be enormous, but it will definitely attract everyone's attention. Neon signs are just that. What statement you want to convey with them depends only on your personal preferences. The neon signs could be vintage style and say something nice about your favorite band or find something new and modern, which is a lot of fun.

Washi tape may as well be of use


With Washi Tape, you could make a wall at home look very different

Do you already have from Washi Band heard? It's the Japanese version of our well-known tape. It's made from rice paper and leaves no residue on the stuff we work with it. Another plus should be mentioned here: The Washi Band comes in attractive colors and patterns. Stick your pictures, prints and other paper goods with a piece of washi tape to your gallery wall and you have a great eye-catcher in the room!

O Organize your workplace at home so that it looks inviting


Your workplace must be well organized, inviting and inspiring

Consider various options for designing your workplace in the rental apartment. A calendar and your schedule are a must there. Use a light grid wall and fasten there everything necessary for additional inspiration at work.

A map on the wall? Yes, you can never do anything wrong!

wande Styler landkarte

Maps as a wall decoration are still in!

The maps go Do not go out of style as fast as you might think. They always represent a striking wall deco. Perhaps you want to keep the whole world in front of your eyes and look at it from your comfy couch? Mark the places you've visited and bring back great memories.

Try to arrange your favorite clothes on the wall to refresh them.


Garments can also be displayed as a wall decoration

Hats are capitalized on this year - in fashion, but also as a wall decoration! Hang these on the wall in the corridor and the small room immediately gets a new look. In this way, you can also exhibit your favorite garments, for example, sweaters, scarves, even jeans and other accessories can be used for decorative purposes.

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