13 designer solutions for beautiful storage space in the bathroom

13 designer solutions for beautiful storage space in the bathroom

Do you occasionally ask yourself where the secret of diligently arranged bath towels and cosmetics hides? That's the right storage course. Test the following smorgasbord of ideas. Proper storage in each room is critical to the orderly look and the bathroom is no exception. In fact, we often overlook the need for storage space in this frequently used space. Regardless of the size and style of your bath, here are 13 elegant ways to keep your swimsuit in order.

Mesh basket.

Mesh basket bathroom white towels tiles ideas storage

In a mesh basket on the wall arrange your towels and cosmetics

A mesh basket is a great addition to the bathroom. This will give you more storage and exhibition space. Pep up a boring wall and mount it very easily. The mesh baskets are light in weight and thereby successfully set a trendy, great accent in the room.

little one Drawers in the bathroom.

Bathroom Bathtub Drawer Ceramic Interior White

The drawers are ideal for your utensils

In a bath one finds very often small places, which have no use. Find these in your bathroom and make neat little drawers. This is the perfect solution for your little things in the bathroom.

Wicker baskets are a practical idea

Washbasin gray baskets bathroom mirror wall sconce

Wicker baskets in the bathroom - practical and beautiful!

The decorative storage with baskets is ideal for bathrooms. Opt for rectangular shapes and place them on the shelves. Light find the right place for your towels. And not only that! The baskets made of natural materials bring a soft, natural flair to your bathroom.

A sideboard for the bathroom.

Sideboard Bathtub Wood Look Slippers Storage Bathroom Yellow

Sideboard in wood look

In the bathroom is always on or under the built-in bathtub an unused space. Design this as a sideboard and create a comfortable storage space in this way. This dresser has narrow compartments that house your slippers, soaps, cosmetics and detergents.

Find the right place for the cosmetics.

Bathroom shelves take off mirror installation sink idea storage

Hide the shelves in the form of a vertical drawer

Forget about digging in the drawer or cupboard when looking for the little nail polish. The pull-out shelves have been used for years in the kitchen, but this is a very practical solution even for the small bathroom. Decide on the heights of the shelves depending on your most used cosmetics.

Elegant wall furniture

Cabinet hanging white mirror large bathroom recessed sink

Wall cabinets look chic and modern

The wall-mounted furniture makes the room brighter and more spacious. This trendy decision is the alternative of traditional floor-standing furniture with drawers. All elements in the bath shown here form a horizontal and harmonious overall look.

Cupboard shelves wipes arrange bathroom storage

More shelves in the bathroom means more and more order

Bathtub white built-in wardrobe gray bathroom storage

Fitted wardrobes in the bathroom

Hook attach cloths carpet gray bathtub metal paneling window frame wood

Hook for most used accessories

Shelving system marble stool cabinet bathroom fireplace basket design

An elegant wooden shelving system is very stylish

Drawers sink bathroom mirror carpet yellow

The drawers offer a large storage space

Toilet mirror doors vanity wipes bath ceramic tiles

A wall cabinet with glass doors visually expands the space

Washbasin recessed toilet shelves stylish trendy

Do not leave the wall behind the toilet unused.

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