12 wonderful ideas for the design of a sofa bed

12 wonderful ideas for the design of a sofa bed

No matter what we call it - day bed, sofa bed or daybed, in all cases it is a nice, comfortable and really usable piece of furniture in the modern home. Surely you agree, but ... Yes, there is a but, because sometimes a daybed appears superfluous and bulky in a modern living room. Is it true? Do you know the situation? And you just realize that after you have already bought the sofa bed and you really want to integrate it into the interior design.

modern-day lay-leather

A modern daybed that you can dream about

A daybed could easily be added to the rest of the space. It is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture on the market. Not to mention one of the oldest in the world. Think back to the story of how the ancient Romans, Greeks or Egyptians used to live. All preferred living room furniture that made it possible to lie down while enjoying entertaining and relaxing time. In antiquity, these pieces of furniture were even used for food. Designers and historians say the sofa bed predates the sofa, but that's still hard to prove.
Of course, there are other reasons why you should have a nice and comfortable daybed at home. There are also so many ways you can place such a useful piece of furniture in your home. In the living room you are sure to find a suitable place, where you can take off your shoes in peace and lie down to read or just relax. In the nursery, one could design a place where young but sometimes tired parents can close their eyes. In the warmer seasons, a lounger is just a must on the sun terrace, where you can browse through the morning paper or take a nap in the afternoon. The daybed is a nice seat for visitors in a home office, even if you are not a psychiatrist.

day lying-in-living room

A comfortable daybed in the living room usually serves as a cozy reading area.

Hopefully we could convince you so far of the many advantages of a day bed or sofa bed. If you are looking for further sources of inspiration, we have prepared 12 fantastic designs for you. In our gallery you can really admire daytime models that you often only dream about. Looking at these photos will give you a better idea of ​​how to get such a piece of furniture into your interior. We wish you lots of fun!

makramee-wall hanging

Macrame wall hanging and a matching daybed make the boho style in this living room

modern-day lay-wood-living room

On this daybed everyone would relax and drink tea


The sofa bed in soft pink brings a very romantic touch in this living room

modern-day lay-mobel

Comfortable daybed fits into the modern apartment

living room-color-couch

It can be a bit rustic, right?

bedroom-day lie

In the bedroom, the daybed is directly in front of the window


Also at the window, but this time spiced up by ethnic elements

daybed-living room-deco pillows

Small but nice and comfortable

minimalist-decorated-living room sofa

In the minimalist living room


Modern suspended bed is part of the modern home

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