12 Exotic room designs, great inspiration from Morocco

12 Exotic room designs, great inspiration from Morocco

Textiles in jewel colors

Travel tent optics handmade lamp billiards Morocco

The tent look looks casual and relaxing

The jewel colors are usually bright and eye-catching shades, which for many women resemble the most famous gemstones. It shimmers, shines and sparkles, actually also at home. The use of gemstone colors is a perennial trend in interior design. Because these shades are usually saturated and look very dynamic and pronounced. The most commonly used jewel colors are emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby ​​red, topaz yellow, sapphire blue, tourmaline green and turquoise. The textiles on the walls and the ceiling in These enchanting shades turn this space into an exotic Moroccan tent. The typical Moroccan pendant lamp gives the ambience a mysterious touch with its interesting light-shadow-play. The lighting is an important part of the interior in Moroccan style. The typical light sources are handmade lanterns, wall sconces and candle holders with elements of colored glass.

Attention to detail

Moroccan tiles bath blue handmade upholstered sofa

The blue is typical of the Moroccan style

All the details in the Moroccan interior design are carefully crafted - from the lighting fixtures to the decorative tile patterns. Every single tile in this sumptuous bath was handmade in Morocco. The beautiful diverse colors of the tiles make remarkable shapes on the walls. The ceiling has interesting decorative elements that form whimsical shapes of light and shadow. An amber chandelier complements the absolutely Moroccan atmosphere in the room.

Beautiful mosaic

Kitchen cabinet kitchen mirror Moroccan pattern tiles

Kitchen mirror made of tiles with Moroccan patterns

A striking tile mosaic is always a real eye-catcher in the room, this is actually a typical mark of Moroccan design. Such eye-catchers can be seen on the walls, but also on tabletops, the floor and numerous decorative elements. This traditional Moroccan art is known by the name of Zellij. Numerous small tiles form unique geometric shapes on large areas. For an exotic and meaningful appearance, you will cover the back of the kitchen and cover the floor with Moroccan tile patterns.

Moroccan pattern

Fireplace Moroccan pattern living room arch

Characteristic arch from Morocco

In an effortless way, you can create a cozy Moroccan atmosphere with a DIY pattern on a white background. Here, the simple white hearth with Moroccan shapes in black was decorated. The typical shapes are inspired by the tiles Zellij and create a dramatic Moroccan atmosphere in the living area. To realize this project at home you do not need to make big financial expenditures. Just bring your creativity and patience into play, and get some black paint and stamp in the shape you want (made from a potato).

Architectural influence

gold ladies' room dark blue houseplant Morocco Design

Golden elements can be mated very well with dark blue

The Moroccan furniture is very different from any other, but it is closely linked to national architecture. This gold-colored ladies' room is a typical example of this. The intriguing rounded doors adorned with beguiling elements from Morocco take you into a completely different world, as if you were in Marrakech.

Rug woven tent optics golden pendant white tassels

This tent look is easily made with a few meters of cotton fabric

Candlestick bund Moroccan seating

Typical Moroccan seating with character patterns

Bedroom interior Moroccan rug colorful

Curved furniture directly from Morocco

red ceiling living area design Morocco

Red blankets are very fancy but typically Moroccan

Bedroom white furnishings decorative cushions Moroccan style

Bed head and bedside table in Moroccan shapes

Stool Morocco colorful tassels

Small colorful tassels for an oriental atmosphere

Decorative plate Morocco handmade interior

The beauty of this decorative plate charms with fine handwork

Textiles Moroccan pattern side table oriental

Beautiful textiles from Morocco

Mortar stairs summerly ambience hammock

In Morocco, the mortar is also widely used in interior design

Wooden stairs Moroccan pattern in white

A fabulous wooden staircase with mysterious Moroccan patterns

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