11 ways to prepare the terrace for the summer time

11 ways to prepare the terrace for the summer time

A cozy terrace is everything you need in the summer to spend the free time at home in a pleasant way. You can enjoy your coffee in the morning or relax in the cool summer evenings. However, if you miss something on the terrace, take a look at the following 11 great ideas to create a cozy place to spend your free summer time.

Create a Hamptons atmosphere in your home.

Terrace Summer Design Lein Sand Beige Sitzmöbel obsolete

Spice up pastel shades with some loud deco elements

Natural wood, sand beige and blue create the classic beach look at home. This color combination is always and everywhere successful, especially on a terrace, which should have a relaxing effect. Light wood furniture with an outdated look can be perfectly combined with a linen pad and blue decorative cushions. Complete the summery atmosphere with blue cut flowers, e.g. lush hydrangeas.

Find your interior darling at the flea market.

Outdoor summer flea market folding chairs patio used furniture

Old or outdated furniture looks very romantic

Picking something nice at home for the flea market is always an entertaining adventure. Set up your patio with fancy and unique-looking used items, such as Folding chairs, wicker furniture and small wooden tables. Do not overlook strange flowerpots, mirrors with interesting frames and old works of art. The imperfection of these items gives the ambiance on the terrace a nostalgic retro charm.

Design a cozy dining area outside.

Summer Terrace Dining Area Design String Lights Lantern Rattan Armchair

Fairy lights are not only used for Christmas, but also in summer

Al fresco dining (outdoors) is even more enjoyable if you take care of the comfortable atmosphere. Make such a large dining table outside as it is spatially possible. So you create enough space for you and your friends and the time spent at the table is always pleasant and comfortable. Furnish your terrace with soft cushions in beautiful colors. Decorate the table with large romantic lanterns and hang up the fairy lights.

Use cheerful color accents on the terrace with colorful cut flowers.

Upholstery Patio Design Deco Cushion Bouquet Rattan table wood floor

Beautifully arranged cut flowers bring a better mood on the terrace

Next time you pick flowers in your garden, put some on the table outside. Take beautiful vases or small cups and decorate the ambience on your terrace with bouquets. In no time you create a truly charming atmosphere, which will certainly delight the eye.

Hang a comfortable swing.

comfortable swing wooden floor wood paneling terrace summer

The swing must be well secured

The swing on the terrace looks very inviting and cozy. Spend many relaxing hours on your patio and rock as you wish while enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

Refresh old things and use them again.

Patio DIY Project Bench Upholstery Decorative Cushion Rubber Tree

DIY projects are always fun and the results please the eye for a long time

You have no plans for the weekend? Perfect! Take your time to realize a DIY project and spice up the atmosphere on your patio. Cushion the old bench with trendy textiles or make new decorative cushions. New flowerpots change the look in the outdoor area and repotting will definitely do your flowers well.

Showcase your summer things.

Surfboard summer mood terrace lantern candles

Do you have rocking chairs at home? The terrace is the ideal place for you in summer

Create a great summer atmosphere on the terrace with your surfboard. It does not necessarily have to be in the basement. Think carefully about which summer clothes you can take out of the garage and which ones are a good fit for your exterior and display them on the terrace.

Calligraphy for a good mood.

Calligraphy DIY concrete floor terrace summer mood

Paint your favorite quotes directly on the floor or just "hello"

Avoid the traditional doormats and turn the entrance area on the patio into a creative spot. Paint inviting words or phrases directly on the floor with weather-resistant colors. So you show a personal touch there.

The terrace is monogrammed.

Monogram spatial letter summer terrace self-decorating folding chair

Make the gray wall livelier with colorful letters

Large monograms are an undeniable eye-catcher in the outdoors. In this happy way, your home is different from the house next door. Assemble 2-3 letters, e.g. Your initial or the abbreviation of your place of residence. You can make out the spatial letters yourself from metal, wood or cardboard or simply buy them. Decorate your new purchase with colorful textiles or bright shiny slides.

Cool the terrace.

Ceiling fan terrace summer mood side table swing exterior

Many people have forgotten the old ceiling fans

Maybe the location of your terrace is a bit unfavorable and it gets so hot that you do not want to spend so much time outside? Then there is a solution to this situation! Mount a ceiling fan over the relaxation area. He will move the air pleasantly and thus also let intrusive insects away.

Create a homely place for two.

Seating table for two terrace design wood paneling great features

Have you still not created a personal romantic place at home? Do it now and enjoy a great summer time!

Do not leave the free space on the terrace unused. Put there 2 sets of chairs and a small table for you and your partner. So you can spend the summer evenings with a great bottle of wine or enjoy the sunrise with a cup of fragrant coffee together.

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