11 Hollywood Remakes - interior design ideas to fall in love with

11 Hollywood Remakes - interior design ideas to fall in love with

When designing a room, designers are careful, because cool mix of styles and harmonious color combinations can not be easily created.

The following living rooms have features that we like to see in the fashion creations: personal character and that certain something that never leaves us cold. As you will notice, these interior design ideas are innovative, but also timeless. Convince yourself:

Make a statement design home accessories console

Make a statement

Stylish home accessories play the role of statement chains in fashion. This can be introduced to the décor through a beautiful brass console. Frames also set unique accents in the room. A design for fashion fanatics.

Rediscover pop culture-home accessories table hallway

Rediscover pop culture

The poster in the style of pop culture reveals the whole interior style of this apartment. The creative design with unusual furniture we see in the apartment of Julie Macklowe.

Use valuable materials-round leather armchair working table white

Use valuable materials

The home office of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger is boldly designed in the unmistakable red-blue color combination. Luxurious home accessories decorate the room and give it a unique character. The large white fur rug suggests a style mix consisting of shiny metal pieces, first-class leather and soft velvet fabric.

Designing unusual ideas-Design home accessories wing wall shelf

Develop unusual ideas

Have you ever seen a similar white sculpture in the living room? Could you relax in the armchair under this wing? These surprises characterize the designer apartments. The message, however, is clear: be yourself. One should not take oneself too seriously.

Monochrome design-Luxurious home accessories

Monochrome shape

Now imagine a woman wearing an outfit completely in the trend color camel. The chic and elegant fashion can also be found in the interior, as well as in this elegant dining room in the middle of Manhattan.

Simple and artistic home accessories designer

Simple and artistic

Clothes express one's own personality. In this case, we observe the same effect when furnishing: Pure white with only a few artfully designed objects creates timeless home design.

Glamorous touch add-home accessories vintage bar cart

Add a glamorous touch

In a word, this Hollywood-inspired apartment can be described as gloss. The photo is sent to the wall and the vintage bar cart is presented in the foreground. Quality not quantity!

For color splendor - home accessories art

Provide for color splendor

Powerful colors for individualists: living room in white contrasts sharply with the colorful accents. Fearless, striking home accessories are used here to make a strong statement.

Balancing room proportions-Design Wohnaccessoires Sofa yellow pink

Balance room proportions

This color palette looks much more restrained, because only a few color accents in yellow and pink decorate the decor. The ratio of proportions in space is most pronounced. White sofas offset the effect of the dark floor and put the accent pieces in the foreground.

Minimalist think-luxury home accessories

Think minimalist

Less is more in the design of this trendy corridor. The minimalist design was achieved with the help of the designer rug and metal bench. Fashionable accessories are proudly presented: fashion picture tapes, designer sandals and luxury handbags.

Feminine colors combine-home accessories living room

Combine feminine colors

Here we see Scandinavian furniture in combination with Moroccan carpet in boho style and magnificent Murano glass chandeliers. The overall look contains a feminine-looking color palette and eclectic elements.

This is what our selection of home designs looks like, from which inspiration has been drawn directly from the fashion world: a feeling of luxury and a unique look characterize the different living styles.

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