10 ways to make your day better for just 5 minutes

10 ways to make your day better for just 5 minutes

5 minutes is a very small period of time. But they are quite sufficient to do something that will make your day more beautiful. Is not this an excellent time investment in your everyday life?

Take 5 minutes and make something from our list to reduce the stress in your everyday life, to create a good mood and to recharge with energy.

Make your bed

Double bed Pillows Deco Upholstered bed Gray Bedroom

A well-made bed invites you to sleep

It's not about the perfect immaculate order in the bedroom. This simple ritual will surely help you create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. It is part of the so-called "sleep hygiene" - small habits that help you for a good night's sleep. In her book "The Happiness Project," writer Gretchen Rubin recommends turning this into a daily habit.

Make your bed in the morning and ready - that's how your bedroom looks neat and will wait for you in the evening.

Take something to eat

Even in the office you can eat healthy

Even in the office you can eat healthy

Before you leave your apartment in the morning, take something to eat with you. Grab fruit, nuts without salt, low-fat cheese or yogurt. Surely you feel hungry in the afternoon.

Get your desk in order

Office white ambience desk diary Lap

The tidy desk is an important prerequisite for your concentration

Notes, loose sheets, dirty coffee cups, and similar things on your desk can easily distract you from the focus of your work, reducing your productivity. Rather, keep things organized on your desk and you'll see that you can do much more easily and in a concentrated way.

Let soft music play

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Dancing and singing are also good

Some research has shown that music lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and improves mood. The right track can quickly improve your mood. That's why you can charge your MP3 player with your favorite music and create a great playlist to make you smile, whether you're in the office or at work. Do not make the music too loud so it does not harm your hearing.

Smell briefly on a lemon

Lemon fragrance against stress woman nature

The refreshing aroma of the lemons will help you with stress

This quick trick helps against chronic stress. Japanese researchers have found that linalool (a colorless substance with a floral and fresh odor that contains lemons) reduces the classical stress reactions. If you do not like the lemon, you can use basil, juniper or lavender, whose fragrances also reduce stress.

Stretch out

Yoga relax furniture White wooden floor

5 minutes in the morning and you will wake up quickly

If you do not have time to exercise in the morning, you can vitalize yourself with a few simple movements. Extend your hands over your head. Move your shoulders. Stretch your legs. All this improves the blood circulation, makes you more flexible and relaxes the muscles taut from stress.


Meditate against stress

The meditation ensures the right balance in your life

It's easier than it sounds. Do the following: Sit on a chair or on the floor and make yourself comfortable. Concentrate on your breathing. Take a deep breath in and out. Different thoughts begin to circle in your head. Just let your thoughts wander and concentrate on breathing. Meditate on a daily basis for a few minutes and you will soon notice that you are feeling better.

Keep a journal of gratitude

Diary of gratitude Pencil woman

Always take your diary with you

Dedicate a diary for a few minutes daily to write down the things in life for which you are grateful. It's about everything - from the smallest to the decisive situations, events u. a in your everyday life. Very often one complains about the weather, the traffic jam or the problems in the workplace. All this leads to the accumulation of negative energy. If you are grateful for all that you have, you will more easily appreciate the positive things in life.

Turn off the laptop and the smartphone

Turn off your mobile phone offline Holzdekro

All devices off!

Leave your smartphone aside, at least for a short time. Staring the screen is exhausting and leads to inactivity. Be offline off and on, especially before sleep. This makes it easier for you to sleep and certainly you will fall asleep faster.

Determine your priorities

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The unimportant tasks have no place on your list

Suppose you can not complete all the tasks at once. Create a task list and arrange it according to your priorities. In this way, the most important and important things are distinguished.

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