10 unbelievably innovative gift ideas for family and friends

10 unbelievably innovative gift ideas for family and friends

We are close to the big family party Christmas. Do you want to delight your family and friends with great, innovative gifts? Then stay with us and read on!

In the first place we want to present you the Bedphones. They are so comfortable and gently touch the ears so you can fall asleep with them. They are so thin, flat and soft that you could fall asleep with Adele's voice at night. The Bedphones are not in the ear, so you could sleep to the side.

Bedphone's Headphone Innovative Gift Ideas

Bedphone headphones

Bedphones-innovative gift ideas


With the Thing Charger many devices can charge at the same time and even better - without any cabling. Includes a Lightning port for Apple devices and a Micro USB port for other devices (Android, Kindles, etc.)

thingcharger Multi Charger Tablet iPad Smartphone Innovative Gift Ideas

thingcharger - Multi Charger for Tablet, iPad and Smartphone

thing charger 2 Multi Charger Innovative Gift Ideas

thingcharger 2 multi chargers in one

The tiny iLeef iBridge USB stick provides extra storage space with an extra 32GB. This little accessory can be connected to your iPhone or iPad. When the memory is full, just open the iBridge app and transfer all the files to the USB stick and delete them from the phone. It's easy!

leef ibridge storage USB innovative gift ideas

leef ibridge suitable for USB

The Perfect Bake is user-friendly and for those who encounter difficulties while baking. The app explains step-by-step the surveys and calculations. Add ingredients to the bowl, which is placed on a cradle and note the app as long as the indicated amount is enough.

The perfect bake kitchen helpers-innovative gift ideas

Your perfect kitchen helper when baking

The tablet holds your tablet in the desired position when you lying in bed or sitting on the sofa. It can be attached to the tablet in three places and has a sturdy handle.

Tablift Tablet positioning-innovative gift ideas

Tablift for the correct positioning of your tablet

The Drift Light is a lamp that adjusts its light intensity automatically. Thus, it helps you e.g. to fall asleep with dim light. Within 37 minutes (the usual duration of a sunset) this unit reduces the light. Incidentally, the emitted blue light from conventional devices inhibits the production of melatonin, the natural sleep aid from the body.

Drift Light Warm Light Countdown Timer-Innovative Gift Ideas

Drift Light Warm light countdown timer

The Automatic helps save fuel and helps us to become better drivers! The adapter can be connected to the diagnostics port of the car and works via a smartphone app. The device collects information e.g. via the flashing engine warning lamp, a possible improvement in driving ability and helps to better determine the parking of the car.

Automatic car driver helper diagnostics smartphone App-innovative gift ideas

Automatic car driver helper with diagnostics app to smartphone

The selfie case turns your iPhone into a portable ring light. This case with a series of LED bulbs produces warm and constant light for your selfies. It also has its own battery and the light intensity can be regulated!

Selfie Case LED Lamps for Selfies-Innovative Gift Ideas

Selfie - LED lamps for selfies

Do you have a flashlight on the phone? If so, then using Travel Lamp from the cellphone turns a bedside lamp. The practical diffuser is suitable for low light locations, e.g. when reading in the evening or camping. It is made of silicone and adapts to almost all smartphones.

Travelamp lighting compact discreet-innovative gift ideas

Travelamp guarantees you kampakte and discrete lighting

Mycestro is a computer mouse worn on the index finger. That's why Mycestro is also called the newest generation of the 3D mouse. That's just the future! The cursor can be controlled by your gestures. Three tiny little buttons and scroll option are available. This invention replaces the computer mouse completely!

mycestro computer mouse compact-innovative gift ideas

mycestro - compact computer mouse

Well, how did you like these great gift ideas? Do you want to surprise someone for Christmas?

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