10 tips for a quiet wash day

10 tips for a quiet wash day

Considering the times 100 years ago, when the laundry demanded very strong arm muscles, today we are very pleased to throw our clothes only in the washing machine and after an hour to take them out clean. Today we are happy to offer you 10 tips and tricks for a calm wash day and possibly - without lost socks.

1. Do not let the laundry spoil your day. If this activity is not your favorite household debt, then something has to change. If you collect the laundry throughout the week, you will be assigned work throughout the week, for example, towels on Monday, bed linen on Tuesday, clothing on Wednesday, etc. But never forget that the laundry is your excuse for your very private Time - enjoy an audiobook or your favorite music or watch your favorite show while the laundry is done.

Laundry room white plastic chair tips Beautiful living tiled floor

Do not leave the laundry for the last weekday

2. Download the washing machine separately for each member of the family. One of the most time consuming activities when washing is to sort the dry clothes. To avoid this problem, give each family member a laundry basket with his belongings. We do not promise you that it will always work, but you have nothing to lose if you just try it.

Laundry bag Zigelsteinwand White Laundry kitchen Shelves Shelves

Four laundry bags for presorting the laundry

3. Use laundry baskets to sort your laundry. Give yourself 15 minutes to do something more pleasant, instead of rummaging in the laundry pile. The best solution is to have three or four baskets available and to sort the clothes correctly in advance. When the laundry time arrives, just throw the contents of a basket into the washing machine and you're done!

Laundry baskets white interior clothes folding laundry room indoor plant

A cozy corner in the laundry room for folding clothes

4. Sort the clothes according to size and color and of course after their use. This beneficial habit will save you more time if you want to put on the clothes.

Laundry room Bedroom Washing machine Dryer Flooring white

The shelves in the laundry room are the most important requirement for an orderly room

5. Collect all socks in a net bag. Or take one for each person in the family - sorting is easier. Do not forget to zipper and the sock monster that lives in the washing machine will never eat your socks anymore.

6. Think of some helpful extras. Grab a small change bowl, a small wastebasket and stain remover near the washing machine. So you have everything you need, always at hand, and preparation before washing will take less time.

black tiles room design laundry kitchen white towels

The white furniture gives the room a special freshness.

7. Keep your washing machine fresh and leave the door open after each load. The washing machines have a very tight seal and the moisture stays inside, which causes bad odors and mold over time. To avoid this unpleasant problem, always leave the washing machine a bit open after washing.

Laundry bag shelves dryer washing machine laundry room virtually white

Practical hook in the laundry room

8. In the laundry room, hang a specific bag for the clothes that need to be dry-cleaned. You have to throw such clothes directly into the bag and never into the overall laundry. When the bag is full, bring the garments for dry cleaning. Keep the temples from cleaning in this bag, so returning them is convenient and easy.

Tumble dryer foldable Bider wood look arrange picture frame

Folding laundry dryer made of real wood

9. A folding clothes dryer is a must in the laundry room for your delicates and woolen sweaters. When the laundry gets dry, just lean it against the wall until the next time.

Laundry Kitchen Washing Machine Inox Shelving Glasses Hanger

Store detergent in baskets or glass containers

10. Do not leave detergent bags and bottles around. To enjoy an orderly laundry room, place everything in baskets or in large, beautiful containers with lids.

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