10 things about the Sauberkeitsfanatiker (inside), which are always right

10 things about the Sauberkeitsfanatiker (inside), which are always right

You are completely the one Cleanliness lapse in your own home? Then you can recognize some of these ever-valid truths in yourself.

The most of us want to have a clean home and enjoy the perfect atmosphere there, but not all of us manage to keep our home clean every day. Cleanliness fanatics (inside) but put the cleanliness at home on everything else and sacrifice a lot of time for cleaning, instead of spending more pleasant. For them, a spotless house is just great and they do not want to compromise on cleanliness. Today we want to lift the curtain and reveal ten truths about the cleanliness fanatics that always and everywhere are right. You can then decide for yourself whether these people act correctly or not.

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Daily cleaning keeps you fit!

Cleanliness fanatics are fit and elegant. You are not interested in training DVDs at all. Thoroughly vacuuming the living room and wiping the dust off the curtain rods is a good training for stealing exercises for these ladies. You can do that even during a sports program on TV and burn fat.

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Cleanliness fanatics do not want to leave work for tomorrow that they can do today

The cleanliness fanatics are in some ways impatient. You mean, some household work can not wait until tomorrow, so they basically do not postpone the next day, which they can do today. An uncleaned dishwasher or not cleaned stove after cooking can lead to a restless night sleep with them. It is totally annoying for a Sauberkeitsfanatikerin to know that chaos lurks in the kitchen.

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All of these sprays, powders and liquids promise glossier surfaces and an incredibly fresh-smelling home!

Cleaning products are tempting for these people. You are always well informed about the news in the field of household care. Especially the most up-to-date environmentally friendly cleaning products are always on the shelves of the cleanliness fanatics. They can even arrange their cleaning products nicely just as other people arrange their books.


Open shelves are not recommended

Open Shelves are a nightmare! All of these containers, glasses and plates that stand on them will become very dirty, dusty or, worse, greasy! If you're a cleanliness fanatic, you'd better do without open shelves in your home! In the best case, this means you can clean up according to your plan and do not over-wash too often.

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It is much more practical to clean the apartment yourself!

The cleanliness fanatic does not need a cleaning service. She says that's the way she would not make her life easier, on the contrary! Because after the cleaning she would go through all the rooms again and remove any missed spots again.


What are you doing with a few lemons?

If you have lemons at home make lemonade out of it, right? Yes, but the cleanliness fanatic will cut the lemons into slices in half and use them to disinfect the cutting board. She can mix the lemon juice with white vinegar to get an environmentally friendly home-made cleanser.


In winter, the cleanliness fanatics wait impatiently for the beginning of spring

For the cleanliness fanatics, spring is the best season to thoroughly clean the whole house. In winter, they count impatiently the days until the beginning of spring. Not because they hate the dark, cold months, but because spring means great cleansing.


Everything shines here cleanliness!

The cleanliness fanatics distinguish between cleaning and thorough cleaning. Wiping the shelves and cleaning the kitchen countertops or the floor is one of their everyday routines. But true cleanliness fanatics go deeper. Much deeper. For them, such activities are important, such as cleaning a drain, to clean the freezer or to clean the chimney.

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Home cosmetics and detergents are the best helpers at home!

A cleanliness fanatic insists on being the best assistant in cleaning to have at home. So, she gets all the necessary mops and shawls, household cosmetics and cleaning supplies. Cotton swabs are not just in the bathroom! They are ideal for cleaning a computer keyboard, for example. So you could remove crumbs or hair from the drain or scratch out sticky spots!

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Who will clean you after the party?

Cleanliness fanatics love parties. Perhaps One might think that they are reluctant to host a party in their house and host guests. All the spilled drinks and crushed chips on the carpet! But in fact the cleanliness fanatics love parties. Because after the party, they roll up their sleeves and get to work! Until everything flashes and shines again! Cleanliness!

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