10 statement sofa designs

10 statement sofa designs

At Trendomat Team, we have one main goal: to keep inspiring you with our ideas and tips. That's why today we've selected 10 sofa models for you, each with a piece of hidden history in its visual features. If you're a budding designer or just interested in the variety of sofas, you're sure to learn something new from our post. "Good design is for eternity", they say, and that's exactly what we show with our photos today.

The Chesterfield sofa

Living room interior design Chesterfield leather sofa in black sofa design

Living room interior with Chesterfield leather sofa in black

This model dates from the 18th century and has an interesting history. In England, the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield originally commissioned this design. He wanted a piece of furniture to sit on comfortably without crumpling his suit. "The Chesterfield" is considered a symbol of noble sophistication and has by no means lost its intricate charm. This style is characterized by the use of leather. Curved armrests, backrest height, quilted effect and no back padding are typical of this sofa model.

The C abriole sofa

Luxury Cabriole Sofa with decorative cushion in white and purple sofa design

Luxurious Cabriole sofa with decorative cushions in white and purple

It is claimed that nothing symbolizes the 18th century better than the kabriolbein (curved leg, English cabriole leg). The upper part bends outward, while the lower part curves inwards in an S-shape. This type of furniture leg is associated with the era of Louis XV.

The Cabriole sofa is characterized by the visible wooden frame (mostly carved) and deep side armrest. Another feature is the soft lines and the lack of upholstery cushions.

The camelback sofa

Camelback sofa in white timeless elegance for the living room sofa design

Camelback sofa in white brings timeless elegance to the living room

This design is attributed to the London carpenter and later furniture designer Thomas Chippendale. In the 18th century, the English interior decor was heavily influenced by him. The camelback sofa has a curved backrest, which rises significantly in the middle and at the edges.

Other typical features include rolled or square armrests, upholstered sofa legs and missing sofa cushions.

The Lawson sofa

Designer Lawson sofa in upscale ambient sofa design

Designer Lawson Sofa in an upscale setting

Our fourth sofa design was invented by Mr. Thomas W. Lawson, American businessman and writer, with the desire for more seating comfort. The very first Lawson sofa in history was with thick padded back cushions on the backrest.

Nowadays, one recognizes a Lawson sofa by the three back cushions and the low (slightly rolled or square) armrests. There are currently many variants of this model in the market, e.g. with textile and leather upholstery and other materials such as metal or wood.

The Tuxedo sofa

Colourfull Tuxedo sofa in yellow sofa design

Colourfull Tuxedo sofa in yellow

This design was named after the Tuxedo Park in New York. It is considered the first approach of modernism viewed in the 1920s. The Tuxedo sofa is characterized by the same position of the armrest and backrest (slightly higher than the other listed designs) and its elegance.

The original variations of this sofa had quilted fabric and exposed sofa legs. The pillows are optional, but add to the sense of well-being, especially on the sofa with high armrests.

The English Rolled Arm Sofa

Classic English Rolled Arm Sofa, here in beige sofa design

Classic English Rolled Arm Sofa, here in beige

This comfortable sofa design has been around since the turn of the century and is reminiscent of English country style. The hard backrest, the large cuddly pillows, the recessed arms and turned legs with castors are the typical features of the Tuxedo sofa.

The Knole sofa

The Knole Sofa in orange sofa design

The Knole Sofa in orange

Sofas have only been in use since the 17th century. Previously, benches were used. The Knole sofa was discovered in the early 17th century when a padded bench was ordered for the historic Knole House in England. This classic design can be recognized by its high straight backrest and the angled adjustable arms (then as protection against draft).

The lace-wrapped crowns originally connected the backrest to the arms. Although these sofas are no longer so popular, they still add to the classic touch in some modern homes.

The Bridgewater sofa

The sectional sofa for larger spaces sofa design

Elegant sectional sofa for larger rooms

This sleek, casual and comfortable sofa is perfect for late night talks or movie nights with friends. It has a slightly rolled backrest, deep arms, heavily padded cushions and creates a welcoming atmosphere in the room. This style is called "birch arm" or the English three-seater sofa. Its origin is demonstrated by a material that hides the sofa feet.

The Mid-Century Modern Sofa

The mid century modern sofa in modern living room sofa design

The mid century modern sofa in the contemporary living room

This style dates from the period between the mid-30s to the 65s of the last century. These sofas have a sleek shape and deep, often square legs. The mid-century modern sofas (abbreviated MCM sofas) are subject but few rules and therefore there are several variants of this model. They can be recognized by their retro look, organic shapes and strong geometry. But one thing is for sure: if properly integrated in the interior, these sofas are able to surprise and inspire us again and again.

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