10 state-of-the-art laundry rooms as sources of inspiration for you

10 state-of-the-art laundry rooms as sources of inspiration for you

A wet room? Rather a statement room. When setting up a modern laundry room, it is no longer about the good organization and possible laundry drying. Cleverly designed devices and installation systems turn the wet room into a showroom, which you are happy to point out during your friend's visit. That's just how it is lately. To see living examples of trendy laundry rooms, scroll down.

Tradition meets folding doors

Laundry room cherry wood parquet folding doors

Laundry room in cherry wood with parquet floor and folding doors

Here we see a traditional wet room furnished with every amenity. In addition to the stylish appearance, emphasis is placed on functionality, cleanliness and organization. The cherry parquet originally captured your attention? We are also like this.

Monochrome color design looks chic and modern

Laundry room storage baskets monochrome modern white

Modern laundry room: the white storage baskets are monochrome

The chic, white laundry room is characterized by a contemporary, minimalist style. Carefully selected decorative accessories such as the storage baskets introduce a homely touch into the corner of the room. Compact sink and extra storage space are handy helpers in the small wet room.

Well structured, compact laundry with white fronts

Open compact laundry room closet door fronts white

Open and compact is this laundry room with white cabinet door fronts

The open floor plan requires a suitable combination of colors and materials. Here we see a successful example of this: the white cabinet door fronts are in line with the other furniture system; the wooden vanity in the background just stands right. All objects are at the intended location, order is in full swing here.

Domesticity and functionality in the eclectic laundry room

Damp room eclectic vintage home textile

Eclectic wet room with vintage home textiles

Colorful and rich in texture, it seems that a wet room can be set up as well. Retro wall unit, antique carpet and vintage home textiles emphasize the atmosphere of the room with state-of-the-art washing machines, a trendy wall clock and a classic brick wall. Would you motivate such an interesting design to get to work?

Country style in pistachio green with modern touches

Country style modern wet room pistachio green

Country style prevails in this modern wet room in pistachio green

A chic interplay of restrained modernity and typical country house features we see in this photo. With beautiful pistachio green as a base to create wonderful, visually pleasant room effect. Even in the wet room.

Strong character through checkerboard floor and retro washing machines in red

Retro modern wet room red washers

Retro wet room with a modern touch; red washer and dryer are undoubtedly the high lights

This eclectic laundry room features trendy accents: anthracite wall paint, wooden blinds and sinks. The retro elements also hold their place: original dark red washing machines, checkerboard floor and pendant lamp. The end result is a timeless interior design with a fresh look. Since you have to sort the laundry in a good mood.

Washing machine in the modern small bathroom of a single apartment

Modern design small bathroom male design

Modern design in a small bathroom in typical male design

In principle, a bachelor pad can not have a large laundry room. That is why a compact solution is found here, which was even equipped with black paint. The bathroom design meets all requirements for modernity and practical use of the available space. The wood wall cladding, wall tiles and dark floor provide a nostalgic living feeling.

Textured surfaces, herringbone pattern and tinted colors

Textured herringbone laundry room design

Textured herringbone pattern in modern laundry design

In one place we see at least 3 great accents: the wall covering and flooring in herringbone pattern, as well as the unique ceiling light. A real statement makes the wet room, which has been designed so carefully.

Practical sense and a lot of charm in the feminine laundry

Luxury chic laundry room glossy wall surface white

Luxury can also characterize a modern laundry room - here it flows from the shiny white wall surface

Was this wet room put together on a Saturday night? Barely! Shiny, textured wall surfaces, trendy closets and modern washing machines are definitely available to a fashion-conscious woman. Even the folding of the laundry would have to be a very special experience in this room.

Cool, futuristic design in warm brown / beige color spectrum

Large Moisture Shade Yellow Beige Brown

Large wet room, decorated in yellow, beige and brown

We describe this trend-conscious washroom design as futuristic, because you get an impression of the modern washing machines and the open room concept. Do you see an item that is out of place? Probably not. For that reason, any modern living space would benefit from such a facility.

Well-organized, stylish kitchens can compete with modern kitchen or living room furniture. The colors, devices and accessories in this room can be brought together in a functional and fun way.

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