10 smart tips for a tidy hallway

10 smart tips for a tidy hallway

Hallway Ideas for people who care about order

Of all the places at home where chaos may prevail, the hallway is the hottest spot. This is a space that we often neglect and do not pay enough attention to. In today's stressful everyday life, we are always in a hurry and very carelessly throw our jackets or bags on the floor or on the nearest closet in the hallway. Umbrellas, empty bags, receipts, scarves ... are you not aware? This is not a friendly greeting to unexpected guests. The clutter in the hall certainly has a depressing effect on you, too, whenever you come home after a hard day's work. Do not allow such a situation and avoid any bad first impression of your apartment. Here you will find some easy-to-implement ideas that will help you fight the chaos in the corridor without you going to the extreme. Let the following picture gallery be the first step to a neat and cozy hallway in your home.

Show your things

Facility hallway order hook colorful

Small color details always put an interesting accent on the white wall

It makes sense to keep your outerwear close to the entrance door and you do not need to hide it at all. Arrange attractive peculiar hooks on the wall where you can hang your warm scarves and caps. In summer, this would be the best place for your sunglasses, beach bags and fine blankets for the cool summer evenings.

Bring some furniture together

Furniture hallway order upholstered bench white basket

The cabinet also serves as a bench

If you do not have that much space in the hallway next to the front door, you'll make more storage space with a small piece of furniture. Place the upholstered bench and basket there, then put on a garment made of wood, which makes your hall very comfortable, but also completely functional. With this clever solution you will find space for your outerwear, umbrellas, scarves, slippers and all the little things for which you will never find the right place.

Made especially for children

Facility hallway order stairs children's play

Free-standing wall suitable for children's things

Toddlers want to inquire about themselves, but most home furniture is not suitable for them at all. Most of the furniture is too high, everything is too heavy. Find a small space in the hallway where you can mount a hook on low Neveau speciall for your little darling. When playing it is really fun to hang the coat itself - just like Mommy does that. This way, your child feels independent and safe, and also learns to be organized. The result for your hallway is a small children's corner.

Ceramic bowl or plate for more order in the hallway

Facility hall order small table ceramic bowl

A ceramic bowl collects all the little things from your bags

A great way for messy people to get organized is to put a small beautiful ceramic bowl or plate on a compact table in the hallway. So you can quickly and easily keep little things when you come home and take everything out of your pockets quickly. Perfeke spot for your car keys, coins and mints. So nothing is lost.

A beautiful shelf in the hallway is a must

Facility hall order shelf white

White in the hall makes him look ever more comfortable and spacious

Install a beautiful shelf in the hallway, especially if you have limited space. It combines very successfully with a large mirror in the back. An ideal way to keep your bag off the ground. With more imagination you can mount your shelf so that you can hang your umbrellas sideways.

Open cabinets - cozy and comfortable

Furnishings hallway closet system open natural wood white baskets

With an open cabinet system, you can skilfully hide a radiator

There is a special charm to see the family items carefully arranged in an open closet near the front door. You do not have to hide everything from your eyes. Use an open cabinet system with baskets for the little things. So you can lay your things down very quickly and hang them up without them looking messy. You will also find everything you need very quickly and comfortably. Rely on light colors combined with wood decor. This will make your hallway spacious and comfortable.

Place some baskets in the hallway

Interior hallway arrangement Storage boxes Wooden bench Mesh basket

Without this solution, all shoes would just be on the floor

Baskets and boxes, even open drawers are the ultimate affordable yet visually pleasing way to store your belongings in the hallway. Put a few boxes on the wall and put a nice accent there, you also create more storage space.

Here the homeowner has found an excellent all-in-one solution in the form of an old gym bank. Underneath you can see the mesh baskets - ideal for shoes and hobby items.

Try to create more order in the hallway with attached free-standing boxes or baskets. You can always arrange the boxes differently, so you have a variety of decoration options.

Functional and chic

Furnishings Hallway Trim Tailypack Umbrella Tanks Copper retro vintage

Retro objects create a charming corner at home

A dressmaker's doll like this one is very impressive. It looks very chic and not only serves as an interesting accent in the hallway, but is also the perfect place for your coats and bags. Look for similar pieces on eBay and on antique markets.

Keep it hidden

Facility hall order white modern hook shoe rack

The hooks should not necessarily be the usual.

If you still do not want to flaunt your belongings then rely on a tall, elegant closet in the hallway with large floor-to-ceiling doors. So you keep the clear line, what has a free wall. In the cabinet you not only mount shelves but also hooks of different heights. Leave enough space for storage boxes. And voila - behind the fronts are all your coats, shoes, trifles and hobby things in good hands!

Grab an umbrella stand

Furnishings corridor order umbrella container wooden bench white decor

Never more drops on the floor

Probably the dirtiest thing in the corridor is the wet umbrella, right? Or muddy boots after playing outside in the garden with the kids or pets are even worse? The best solution is an umbrella stand, placed next to the door. So you do not need to take care of all the drops on the way to the bathroom. Suddenly a muddy mess looks rather stylish!

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