10 radiant kitchen designs with open shelves

10 radiant kitchen designs with open shelves

Open shelf parts are a particularly popular component in modern kitchen equipment. Did you know that there are three special features when it comes to open shelves? These are the minimalist, the overloaded and the combined design. The principle of "less is more" is more often preferred here, i. only a few properly positioned pieces of crockery or art objects find space on the shelves. The functional method stands in contrast to putting everything on the shelves. The most popular method includes worn-out items and intricately placed flourishes. The result is an interesting, practical option without any overloads. Today we accentuate 10 of these stunning designs! Scroll down and enjoy our picture gallery! Have lots of fun with it!

Less is more

First, let's look at this variation, where the shelves strategically show much of the white crockery. The plates are stacked and sorted by type. The monochromatic design creates a decent ambiance.

White cabinets and stainless steel ideas kitchens open shelves

White cabinets and stainless steel in the kitchen

In the next photo, we really have no open shelves, but every detail catches the eye. The items are original and look like chosen collectibles. Black and white meet metallic gloss in Elizabeth Mollen's home in Austin, Texas.

Black white mosaic mirror surface hanging kitchen open shelves

Black and white mosaic on the mirror surface with pendant lights above

The kitchen worktop in black emphasizes the white dishes. Plenty of space between the items lends a generous sense of space, and the contrast between dark and light is wonderfully dramatic.

Kitchen island black worktops from marble kitchens open shelves

Kitchen island and black marble countertops in harmony with each other

A stylish mix

Now, as it were, we open the shelves that contain a range of products, including a stainless steel mixing bowl, as you can see in the photo. When deciding what to display, it would be helpful to pick different pieces of decoration by style or color. Thanks to the high-level kitchen storage can we have a mixture of retro and modern. Somehow, everything fits together!

Retro and modern kitchens open shelves

Retro and modern kitchens

In this kitchen area everything is available and exhibited: from dishes and spices to the ice bucket. They are in similar colors as white and stainless steel and therefore they go well together and create an aesthetic feeling instead of being intrusive.

Kitchen island marble wood industry suspended kitchen open shelves

Marble island - a great sight in the industrial-style kitchen

A real eye-catcher are the free-hanging shelves. Noodles, lemons and fresh herbs, all the important foods you see on the shelf, together with glassware, from which every festive drink would taste better. Everything looks fresh, arranged and practical.

Hanging shelf kitchen island storage kitchens open shelves

Hanging shelf directly above the kitchen island for better storage

The blue labels and green bottles of San Pellegrino are so refreshing. Many people like sparkling mineral water or add a bit of lemon to the mineral water. That's why this kitchen looks so charming. The bottles add color to the design. Other details such as the framed picture and the worktops captivate the attention additionally.

Kitchen island ceiling beams wood white wall shelves kitchens open shelves

White kitchen island tops, wooden ceiling beams and white wall shelves - a great mix

Cool kitchen accents

The last of these enchanting kitchens was designed with chevron patterns behind the plain open shelf. This house by the sea has everything - from framed pictures to patterned bowls.

Kitchen island wallpaper chevron kitchens open shelves

Small kitchen island, which also serves as a dining table

Wall murals highlight the open shelves, as you can see in this photo. Here you use the shelf as a bar - pretentious and innovative!

Wall shelves modern home bar kitchens open shelves

Wall shelves above the modern home bar

These planters play the role of open shelves, right? They inspire more unconventional ideas. Instead of plants, you can, for example, have fresh herbs!

Plant herbs wood countertop kitchens open shelves

Green plants and fresh herbs on the wall in this kitchen - always ready above the kitchen worktop

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