10 practical ideas for setting up the small laundry room

10 practical ideas for setting up the small laundry room

Every family needs a practical laundry room, but not all houses have enough space for it. Today we offer you some good solutions for small spaces. The most important features of a practical laundry room are its functionality, good equipment and perfect order. Everything can be done on a smaller area. Read our practical ideas and be inspired! Here with us you get new momentum for the furnishing in your home!

Compact laundry room in the hallway

Laundry room black washing machine harmonica door

Revolving and folding doors are a clever solution for the small laundry room

Even a small and compact laundry room can be effective and look good. The open shelves, the compact dryer and the folding doors help to expedite the simple design. The classic color concept of black and white looks as always very stylish and the predominant white creates an airy atmosphere in the hallway.

Comfortable shelves

open shelves washer dryer laundry room

The open space makes the room more spacious

If there is very little space for your laundry, you'd rather go without closets. The best practical solution is open shelves above the washer and dryer. For a better order, use baskets and boxes for your belongings.

Industrial pull-up doors

Laundry room pull-up sliding wood panel

Simple laundry room in white and wood

They work very easily and save a lot of space in the room. The cabinets with industrial pull-up doors create a modern, minimalist look in the laundry room.

Shelf instead of wall

Shelving system Laundry room good lighting

Even if your laundry room is small, you need good lighting

The small laundry room can be segregated with a creative shelving system without back. So you will have easy access to your belongings without entering the laundry room. A very clever functional solution for small spaces

Laundry room under the stairs

Laundry room under the stairs

Set the devices in your laundry room to a comfortable height

A small laundry room can be set up very easily under the stairs. Very often, this free space is not used at all, but it is ideal for this purpose. If the space permits, build niches for the detergents.

Vertical shelves

vertical cabinet with baskets laundry room ideas

Retro decoration in the laundry room is fun and pleases the eye

If there is a spot unused between the washing machine and the wall, do not fret! This is the ideal place for an open floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with comfortable shelves.

Laundry room in the closet

small laundry room in white harmonica doors

The tile mirror in the laundry room is easy to clean and practical

Actually, you do not necessarily need a separate room for your laundry room. You can set this up as a closet. Behind the folding doors you hide all the laundry utensils and your apartment will look well-ordered and friendly.

White spacious laundry room on a small area

Laundry room vertical positioning of the appliances

A good organization in the room also allows you to build a sink in the laundry room

The white color makes the room look more spacious and is the perfect color concept for small laundry rooms. If you place the dryer next to the washing machine, you will gain enough space for a practical washbasin.

Shelves on the door

small laundry shelves on the doors

It is not difficult at all, even you yourself can mount shelves on the doors

All detergents and cleaners can be easily stored on shelves on the doors of the laundry room. To gain more storage space and everything you need to wash and clean, there is only wine handle removed.

laundry Baskets

Laundry organization laundry room laundry baskets

To facilitate your household work, separate the laundry in different baskets - dark, light, white, kitchen linen, etc.

The open shelves and baskets fit together perfectly. In the small laundry room every inch is important and the good order plays a very important role for the optimal use of the area. You can sort your belongings in the baskets and there is no clutter left in your laundry room.

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