10 indoor plants and their symbolism

10 indoor plants and their symbolism

The presence of the delicate houseplants not only has a calming effect on the residents and their guests, but also influences our physical and mental well-being. The flowers in our living quarters contribute to the reduction of inner tension and thus to stress reduction. Incidentally, the house plants clean the air and survive the polluted city atmosphere.
Now look at the types of plants that also load our homes with positive life energy.

1. The vaginal leaf (Spathiphyllum) is attributed to comforting solitude and gradually expelling it from home. For proper and regular care, this plant will thank you with pretty leaves, as well as with a harmonious effect.

Plants meaning

The elegant sheath leaf with a gorgeous white flower likes high room temperatures

Indoor plants potted plants meaning

The potted plants contribute to the harmony in each house

The African Violet (Saintpaulia) provides a calm atmosphere without disputes. Some people call this the "plant of eternal love".

Houseplant Purple quiet atmosphere

The cute African Violets are among the classics and delight the eye with their colors

The magnificent hibiscus (Chinese rose sibling) eliminates the negative energy in the living room and provides with its beautiful red color for elevated mood.

Red flowers house plants

The China Rose is considered a symbol of splendor and love

The wax flowers (Cerinthe) are given in certain countries for Valentine's Day. As symbols of love, these house plants have a delicate and soulful effect on the inhabitants.

Magical flowers plant choice

The wax flower creates a sophisticated atmosphere

Beautiful houseplants with sweet smell

In certain countries, the porcelain flower is given to the lover

The myrtle brings you peace and, apparently, the desire for harmonious living together. Since it is to promote long-term relationships, the myrtle is worn in wedding bouquets.

Wedding plant plants symbolism

The myrtle is soothing and harmonizing

The tree of luck is also called tree of love. Its gently radiated energy should affect our nervous system in a positive way.

Room flowers meaning

Tender money tree with spoon-shaped leaves

The basket marrows (Calathea) are among the indoor plants that bring us inner contentment and balance.

Houseplants symbolism

The popular Korbmaranten have a harmonious effect in the living room

With the robust green lily you should enjoy peaceful coexistence and happiness.

Houseplants house plants thin leaves

The filigree Grünlilie delights with a pretty look and strengthens the family relationships in the house

The Oxalis triangularis (or the so-called sorrel family) keeps love at home.

Balcony plants meaning

The beautiful triangular lucky clover has burgundy leaves

The anthuriums bring happiness into the love relationships. In addition, anthurium helps men to show strong will in complicated situations.

red houseplants symbolism

The flamingo flower should bring love happiness

The houseplants can be described as lucky symbols! We have now reported on their positive influence on our lives. Which of these house plants would you choose for yourself? We hope your plants at home bring you happiness and harmony in your everyday life.

The flowers and houseplants have been attributed almost magical meanings for hundreds of years. How to benefit from their influence in your own life, you can find out here.

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