10 ideas on how to change instantly the boring look of your bathroom

10 ideas on how to change instantly the boring look of your bathroom

Here are 10 great practical tips that will surely help you to change the boring look of your bathroom. It is about bathroom cabinets with great effect! Do not want to waste time and start right now?

Apparently standard cabinets with smart, unique or high-tech elements and the necessary accessories behind their doors can make a big difference when it comes to better organizing the bathroom and making it more user-friendly. We want to show you today 10 bathroom cabinet ideas, that change the look of your bathroom easily and quickly. While they look simple at first glance, when you look more closely you will discover their beauty and great benefits. Behind their simple surface, these cabinets have plenty of storage space to offer. That makes them essential in every bath!

1. The good lighting in the bathroom is particularly important

Bathroom with lighting cabinet lighting

Take care of a good lighting in the bathroom!

Do you often have trouble finding some items in your bathroom cabinet because it's so dark inside? Built-in cabinet lighting will solve the problem. First decide on recessed lighting. Instead, use glass plates in your closet or on open shelves, rather than those made of solid materials such as wood or stainless steel. The glass lets the light through and the interior of your bathroom cabinet will be much brighter. Or try integrating a backlight that illuminates the entire storage space, just as shown in the picture.

For more functionality in the bathroom, you can use a sensor instead of a switch that turns the light on and off automatically whenever the cabinet door is opened or closed.

2. An extra storage compartment for your devices

Bathroom cabinet with lift door

Bathroom cabinet with lift door - practical and easy to handle

Do you want your hair dryer, straightener, shaver and electric toothbrush to be easily accessible? But surely you do not necessarily want to exhibit everything and make the bathroom confusing? Then you need a compact corner with a lift door (as shown in the picture) or an extra storage compartment where you can easily stow your care equipment. And something else! Of course you also need a socket at a comfortable height, so that the devices can remain plugged in, charged and ready to use at any time.

Alternatively, consider a drawer with a built-in electrical outlet and make your bathroom even more practical.

3. A pull-out drawer would also be necessary

Sink in the mirror

A pull-out drawer is simply a must if you have toddlers in the family

Do you have toddlers who really want to reach the sink? Or do you have many everyday items lying on the vanity, high shelves or cupboards? Yes, that is impractical and needs to be changed! You need a pull-out drawer. Position them at the bottom and all the above mentioned problems can be solved easily.

Such a drawer can also be very useful when cleaning the bathroom. It makes it possible for you to clean hard-to-reach places, such as the mirror or medicine cabinet.

4. Create order in all drawers and compartments of the bathroom cabinet!

Bathroom cabinet sink

Order must be, especially in the bathroom cabinet is a must!

Bring the best order to your bathroom cabinet! Organize extra storage space and special compartments for the essentials, such as razors, brushes, combs and skin care products. In the picture it is shown how it has to be done. A deep, spacious drawer hides two smaller drawers, each of which is removable when the need arises.

Снимка_5 K: Innovations in the bathroom are always welcome!

5. Innovative drawer guides and door hinges

Bathroom bathroom cabinet innovations in the bathroom

Innovations in the bathroom are always welcome!

It is not pleasant to be awakened by a strange noise. But this can happen if somebody strikes the closet doors in the bathroom in the early morning. Inform yourself about innovative drawer systems and door hinges. These are, in principle, a solid investment for any bathroom, especially for families with small children or the disabled. The new bathroom cabinets not only work smoothly and quietly, but they are also safer, extremely durable and ergonomic.

6. Mirrors inside and out

Bathroom cabinet bathroom mirror cabinet

Mirrored inside of the cabinet door - practical and innovative

Make every effort to take advantage of every vacancy in the bathroom. This is necessary because most bathrooms are not very spacious. You know, mirrors visually enlarge every room. That's why there are standard cabinets with mirrored doors. But you can also find those with mirrored interior. They are not only innovative but very practical. The mirrors make it easier for you to access all the small items in the cupboard. So you can quickly and easily find everything you need right now. This particular design also features an adjustable integrated mirror that slides up and down and is useful to all users.

7.Hidden washing machine and dryer

Bathroom washing machine

Here you will surely be surprised what is behind the right cabinet door.

When this cabinet is closed, you can not guess what's behind his door. You'd think that's six big drawers. But this is not the case here, because the right side is a cleverly camouflaged door. Behind it is the washing machine with dryer! A pleasant surprise, right?

8. Do you even see the cabinet doors here?

Bathroom furniture Modern door systems

Modern door systems for additional functionality in the bathroom

Surely it has happened to you before: you open your medicine cabinet and the door blocks your view outside. That must not be! Rethink your doors in the bathroom and decide soon for new ones! There are modern door systems that are semi-automatic. They bring more functionality to your bathroom and impress with their user-friendly design.

9. Wisely use every free space in the bathroom

Practical built-in wardrobe bath

A great idea for more storage space in the bathroom

Whether you have a large or small bathroom, in any case, any free space is particularly important there. Surprisingly, sometimes you can use a free corner quite wisely and position a cabinet (or corner cabinet) there. This will save you more storage space in your bathroom.

10. Renovate your bathroom and get the latest high tech equipment

modern high-tech appliances for the bathroom

For those inquisitive, modern technologies offer many new possibilities. Now you can watch the news in the bathroom every morning, or watch your favorite TV show in the evening, and watch it in the bathtub. If you are interested in it, you can treat yourself to modern high-tech bathroom equipment, e.g. a mirrored door with integrated LCD TV screen. Alternatively, you can equip your bathroom cabinets with built-in speakers so you hear the radio news in the morning as you prepare for the day ahead. In the evening, soft music can sound in your bathroom and definitely improve your mood. Great right?

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