10 cool ideas for your flower container in the garden

10 cool ideas for your flower container in the garden

Beautiful flowers in containers, pots or pots decorate your sun terrace, the house entrance or yard

Various types of flowers in Elegant flower containers always attract attention, because they bring more color to the outdoors and spread numbing aromas. If skillfully combined, they can please your eyes and soul all summer long, some until late autumn. Today we want to show you some stunning flower combos and inspire you to imitate them in your garden as well. If you have enough imagination and a green thumb, every flower arrangement will be a success! Dare to do that and test your skills!

Red stars are falling from the flower container

Flower container interesting idea

The star effect is impressive

How do you like this great mix of flowers? Different species look curiously out of the container and at the same time appear very proud of each other. The sedum impresses with its round leaves and stems with pink, star-shaped flowers. The Succulent Mexican Snowballs (Echeveria elegans) show off on the right side. Pelargonium sidoides Roots Extract captures the light on its silvery leaves and completes this adorable floral combination with gorgeous red flowers.
Good tip for all garden lovers: Pelargonium sidoides- root extract can be mixed very effectively with succulents.

A real firework in the flower container

Vases and flower boxes

The flowers of the yellow Kalanchoe look like fireworks

Flaming Käthchen, the Yellow Kalanchoe (bottom left) stands out between the green Astelia leaves (right) and the light green of the Palisade Spurge (Euphorbia characias).
It reminds me of a real fireworks display in a flower container! You not?

Great decoration for the entrance area

Flowerpots garden

The galvanized buckets look very retro, but with matching flowers in it you can refresh your entrance area superbly

If you have some galvanized buckets in the basement and you do not know what to do with them, here's a great idea for using them. Plant beautiful plants in there, according to your choice and turn the buckets into real eye-catchers. Place them on both sides of the entrance and welcome your guests!

You can also cultivate bamboo plant and maple in beautiful pots or pots

Flower box ideas

With green plants in beautiful containers, you can separate individual zones in your garden

Take old flower containers out of the cellar! Old pots, buckets and galvanized buckets can get a second chance! Plant in it green garden plants, even bamboos and maples would be possible. This allows you to separate individual zones in your garden. The green plants also serve as visual protection, if this function is also an option for you.

Rural charm by blooming nasturtium

Flower container idea

The nasturtium emphasizes the rural charm in your garden

Nasturtium is a low-maintenance creeper. These can be planted in a sunny spot in the garden and even create a whole range of colorful flowers. The nasturtium brings a lot of color and life friends in your garden, because they bloom in many bright colors. If you want to introduce a rural touch in your outdoor area, then you put on nasturtium and you can not go wrong! This beautiful garden flower is also well suited for hanging baskets and patio pots.

A flower urn with succulents, provided with a round glass plate, serves as a garden table

Flower container interesting

A flower urn with succulents can be redefined as a garden table

So you could have this eye-catching creation in your garden too, all you need is a flower urn, 18 inches in diameter, that you fill with potting soil and plant succulents there. Then place a 24-inch round plate of tempered glass. The mini greenhouse also serves as a table for a slightly shaded terrace.

A flower tub directly at the pool

Gardening Ideas Garden Bench Flower Container

Something green next to the pool can never hurt! But on the contrary! It ensures your better relaxation!

A lush flower tub, placed directly at the pool, dispels a lot of color and creates a good mood. To achieve this magnificent look, you can combine different types of flowers there, for example, the green pennywort (Lysimachia nummularia) falls down gently, while Stipa arundinacea provides for a soft backdrop in rustic orange with bright green splashes.

Group beautiful pots and create an eye-catching arrangement

Creative garden ideas

Group beautiful pots and create interesting floral arrangements

These pots, which are different in size but of the same color, contain different plants and show all the colors from the entire color scheme of the garden.
of the overall scheme echo. In the smallest pot are purple bells (Heuchera), dead nettle (Lamium) and cyclamen mixed together. In the flowerpot on the left is sacred bamboo (Nandina), in combination with deadnettle, cyclamen and hellebore. The tallest pot houses finely leafed rosemary, club lily (cordyline), cyclamen and purple bells (heuchera). All three pots make an interesting floral arrangement.

Flower care is no longer a problem with such containers

Flowerpots ideas

Easy care planter

To facilitate the care of your flowers at home, you can create a simple, but your own self-watering system. A reservoir at the bottom of the flower container allows more time between irrigation, while an overflow hole prevents any over-watering. In it you could have kitchen herbs, low growing vegetables and of course many other green plants.

Choose flower containers in bright colors

Garden decoration ideas flower container

Greek bush basil in a planter in orange immediately attracts everyone's attention

See this orange pot! He brings wonderful color and good mood in the garden! If you grow the right plant there (in the photo - Greek bush basilica), you will definitely have a real eye-catcher in your outdoor area.

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