10 cool ideas for Türkränze - so celebrate the entry of autumn

10 cool ideas for Türkränze - so celebrate the entry of autumn

The holiday season is finally over and ours Walks in the park or the woods let us notice how nature outside shows us its beauty in new colors. It is also possible to feel the fall of autumn after the cooler temperatures. The hot weather now lets us wait nine months for the sun to shine again. But there is good news - the fall season brings other celebrations and celebrations and also the anticipation for Christmas! Everything around us makes us vote autumn and express our mood through the house decoration. Of course, there are many ideas on how to celebrate the fall. Today we just want to introduce you to 10 cool ideas for your door decoration that are easy to copy. Scroll down to see our 10 autumn wreath suggestions!

Türkranz in a checkered pattern and decorated with autumn leaves

turkranz-in-checkered-pattern-and-decorated with autumn-leafing-

Welcome autumn with a beautiful wreath of plaid fabric and dry leaves

Outside in the park, all leaves change their color. Collect these natural gifts on your next walk and roll up your sleeves at home! A leaf wreath for your front door, you can easily tinker yourself. For this you need a blank, some plaid fabric and the leaves in autumnal colors. Then hang the wreath on your front door and it will welcome all your guests and friends!

leaves wreath as a wall decoration

crown of leaves-as-wall-deco

You can easily make this foliage wreath yourself

You can make it even simpler and tinker a wreath only from autumn foliage. D as is at all Not heavy and this wreath will surely work well if you are a beginner in crafting. maple - and oak n boughs you can in yours Backyard or gather in the neighborhood, intertwine and decorate with the leaves. Voila! Her homemade autumn wreath is ready!

Garland of pine cones

kiefernzapfen of-Festoon

Pine cones skillfully arranged bring the anticipation of the Christmas season

Many people say the anticipation of Christmas starts early and it's worth bringing home the happy Christmas spirit, even 1-2 months before the big festival. Make the one shown here Three-stage project. For that you need n ur hot glue , colorful tape and Pinecone, you as a garland to the front door hang can , Mix as desired ribbons in different colors, for example in Red, orange and yellow a striking one To get look.

Maple and oak leaves in the Intertwine autumn wreath together

maple and oak-blatter-in-autumn wreath-together-interlace

With maple and oak leaves you can make this great wreath yourself

Collect enough maple and oak leaves in the park, glue them on a blank with the hot glue and spray them in gold or silver! Great! You have a great eye-catcher for your door or created for the wall at home!

On wooden sign as a wall decoration


An autumn-decorated wooden sign can decorate your front door or the wall of the room and make you happy

If the idea for a traditional wreath not exactly your taste or style, then you can try it with a wooden sign. Write a greeting to the coming autumn and decorate it accordingly!

oak leaf wreath in autumnal colors

oak leaves wreath-in-autumn-colors

Here is the fall welcome!

Without hot glue it works too! Dispense Hot glue and intertwine the collected oak leaves directly into one n Grapevine wreath , To put the finishing touches to the wreath, take a matching ribbon and hang up your creature!

Türk tolerance decorated with lace ribbon

turkranz-with-lace ribbon-decorated

Wreath with top bath - no undisputed eye-catcher!

An autumn wreath in only one unique n Color can also be one Be a direct hit , Like this one of yellow felt in the picture, he has a wonderful band of lace and attracts all eyes!

Wreath of small Wood branches


Resourceful and stylish - a wreath of small wood branches

Such a wooden wreath is also an easily realizable DIY project. For that you have to You several branches and branches in To collect your garden. Cut circles from thick cardboard out, they serve when the Base yours s wreath it and then paste the Wooden sticks on it , Make your own n mustard-colored rosettes and paste on the inside edge of the box k rice it. So, are you satisfied with this result? Your wreath is ready to hang.

Shine and glitter on the wreath

gloss and glitter-on-the-Wreath

Glitter and glitter on the wreath would not be a bad idea, right?

Create this shimmering wreath with one r simple sheet shape template that you use around about 60 sheets of cardboard to cut. Then you have to these divide into three groups , You still need it Glue and spray in different shades and Autumn-colored glit z he. Yes, such a wreath can shine for months on your front door.

interesting wreath making of colorful pompoms

interesting Wreath-tinker-of-colorful pompons-

This pompom wreath is the absolute hit!

Our last idea is certainly the most beautiful! Can you use pompoms make your own? Then make many tassels in autumn colors and arrange them on the blank. Once you attach your creations to the wreath t have . take a few steps back and enjoy your masterpiece!

Follow one or more of our creative crafting ideas and celebrate the arrival of autumn at home!

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