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Stop by and say, "Hi," because I'd love to meet you. 


Thanks to all who previously sponsored To Be Mrs. Collier!

My favorite part about sponsoring Sarah was her twitter shout outs. They weren't just #ff or generic tweets, she would read my posts and genuinely share them with her readers! 2/3/2014 Brooklyn @ A Little Too Jolley

Sarah is great. Sponsoring her blog was my first big sponsorship, and I could NOT have been more impressed! She only takes on one sponsor at a time committing her time exclusively to one blog/person. It really makes you feel extra special. It is so well worth it to sponsor her! Sarah is super sweet and I am so thankful that I got to "meet" her and sponsor her awesome blog! 12/1/2013 by Cait @ My Life as a Long

I had a great experience sponsoring To Be Mrs. Collier! Sarah is such a caring person and friend who not only wants to help your blog grow, but wants to get to know you throughout the process. She was very accommodating, very flexible, and so easy to work with. Sponsoring Sarah's blog was one of my first sponsorship experiences and I would tell anybody that I highly suggest working with her! 11/19/2013 by Samantha @ Life Style Love

To Be Mrs. Collier is one of my favorite blogs to sponsor and I direct other bloggers to Sarah anytime I hear someone asking for suggestions on who to sponsor. Sarah makes a huge effort to promote your posts, she writes an amazing sponsor highlight, and she always checks up on you throughout the month! When I sponsor her blog, I feel like I get my money's worth and I have continued to get traffic from her for weeks after my sponsorship is over. 11/14/2013 by Amberly @ Life with Amberly and Joe

I am so happy I booked a spot on To Be Mrs. Collier. She really went above and beyond the typical sponsor spot with personal touch I didn't expect but am so appreciate of.  I really saw the difference in my numbers as well as my interactions from fans. I would definitely book again! If you want something more than just an ad on a side bar this is the spot for you. 08/06/2013 by MJ @ Daisy & June  


  1. Hi! I tried submitting my ad but the promo code is not working for me. Let me know how to proceed. Thanks!

  2. Hey lady, I did a new swap program so go "add" your ad! :)