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amazon order history reflection

10 January 2015

I did something daring this evening. I pulled my Amazon spending report for the past year. Ever done that?

Well, I suggest several meditative breaths pre-and-post. Perhaps you imagine some siren or flashing red pop-up with that summation of spending? No, no dear friend. A spreadsheet of all your purchases comes whizzing out of the browser. Gulp!

For the data inclined, a few quick tricks and the bottom line appears. How convicting that little number can be. Somehow I was stunned. How retailers like Amazon make it so easy to click, click, click. And those recommendations can be tempting as the devil himself. "So you bought coconut oil in massive quantities," it says. "Well others also bought flax seed and hemp powder. Care to give it a whirl? Does your Amazon account also have a British accent? 

Darn it for knowing me so well! OF COURSE I NEED that hemp powder to go along with my coconut oil. Tricked again.