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a touch of chaos and disarray

08 December 2014

Being overwhelmed is not the best feeling in the world. Can we agree? One moment you are trucking along and the next you feel like you can't make ends meet. For no rhyme or reason all of a sudden it hits you dead-on. WHAM! 

For me, I begin to feel unsettled and uncomfortable, like I am sleeping on a deflating air mattress with the worst pillows on the planet. Pretty terrible. Struggling to get off of the thing and yet paralyzed to make any progress. There I exist, flopping around. 

Eventually you determine the "pea in the mattress" [I'm writing this is the wee hours of the morning, can you tell I'm still thinking about sleep] and address the issue(s) which may or may not (but most likely are) blown out of some proportion. And you thank your spouse for pointing out your crazy. At least I do. 

Then you address the issue. I tend to keep my life organized as best as possible. But that can only be maintained for so long. Even in a perfect world. The intimate balance between marriage, work, dog, church, youth group, self-maintenance, entertainment and family will teeter and the beans will spill all over the place. Terrible example but you should see my eyebrows. It is getting pretty gnarly. 

So I'm in a season of repair and perhaps that is why I've started to write here again. To repair and come back to me. A journal of sorts and refocusing on things that I enjoy. Because I enjoy blogging. I enjoy sharing my experiences with the world. Again I'm a connector. The type of person where I have to spread the word and bring people together. 

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