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#intentionallifeproject and some news for To Be Mrs. Collier

28 March 2014

Hello friends! It is time to wrap up the intentional life project for April. My world has literally turned upside-down with finishing my dissertation and starting my first full-time job. I am just overwhelmed with trying to "do it all" so I must admit, I am going to be taking a hiatus from blogging. It's not that I don't care or don't love interacting with all of you, rather, I haven't figured out the balance stuff yet. Hopefully, in the near future that will change. But until then, it is going to be a little thin around these parts.

I am happy to close my blogging (for now) with the #intentionallifeproject. This month my goal was to manage my spending particularly when it comes to working full time. Well, the one success that I had last month was the Starbucks gift card loading to control my spending!

I'd highly recommend following up with the Intentional Life Project for the remainder of the year...seriously you won't be disappointed!!!

Welcome to the third month of The Intentional Life Project. We are so excited you stumbled upon this new community - we can't wait to have you join us!
(If you participated in March's goal, note the deadline below for sharing your progress!)


What is the Intentional Life Project?

The Intentional Life Project is a community where we can hold each other accountable for our personal goals – whether they are small or super life-changing. We want this to be an easy, feasible, way for each of you to tackle those goals that mean the most to you. Unlike most blog projects, this does not require link-ups, which means this is for every reader – not just bloggers! The project revolves around our printable Goal Tracker - which you use to track your own goal every month. The only requirement is that you share this goal tracker via Instagram on the last weekday of month - using the hashtag #IntentionalLifeProject! This qualifies you to win that month's prize.


The Hosts
Ginny // Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram
Bre // Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


If you would like to co-host for a complete month, please email Bre at: peacoatsnplaid{at}gmail{dot}com.
Amy // Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

How can I participate?

April's theme is Time Management. The prize for April is a $10 gift card towards the ListLab Shop on Etsy which offers awesome planner printable kits!
FIRST follow the hosts so you get updates and notifications about each month's theme and winner!
SECOND create your own personal goal under this month's theme. Try to pick a challenge - something that you want to develop long-term. This could be a daily, weekly, or long-term goal. You can repeat as many of your previous goals as you want, as well. Examples are:
  • To spend 30 minutes a day with in quality time with a family member
  • To begin each morning with 30 minutes scheduling your week
  • To read a certain number of time management books
  • To adopt a new planner or scheduler for the month
  • To track how many minutes you spend on each activity
THIRD print off the Goal Tracker and start tracking every day you work on this project.
OPTIONALLY link-up with us on the dates below. You can link up your goals, your tips and tricks, inspiration - or just how you are doing. Stop by any of these three hosts' blogs to see everyone's progress :).
LASTLY share a photo of your Goal Tracker on Instagram #IntentionalLifeProject on the last weekday of the month. You will be qualified to win this month's prize.


What are the deadlines?

MONDAY March 31 - Share your March goal tracker on Instagram #IntentionalLifeProject to win a $10 towards the Super Sweet Life Shop on Etsy which offers a budget planner printable kit! (This is an awesome Etsy shop full of budgeting brilliance - make sure you stop by!)
FRIDAY April 11 - If you have a blog, link up your April goal to share among the community!
FRIDAY April 25 - Join our second link-up and let us know about your progress!
WEDNESDAY April 30 - Share your April goal tracker on Instagram #IntentionalLifeProject to win a $10 gift card towards the ListLab Shop on Etsy which offers awesome planner printable kits! Make sure you stop by their Etsy shop for time management inspiration :).


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The Intentional Life Project


22 March 2014

Hi friends. Budgeting is important and setting goals is too. Remember my goal? I know I'd have trouble remembering if I didn't write it down. Mine was to be mindful of my Starbucks addiction now that my new office building has one right downstairs. Easy access is never a good thing. 

How did I resolve to keep the budget on task? Well, I have a Starbucks gift card that I reload each week and only pay using it. Once I run out for my allotted coffee funds, it is over for the week. Bummer when that hits (and it certainly gets there) so I am stuck with the office stuff or whatever I bring from home. But these are just little ways that I am working on living intentionally. 

Just a little word about The Intentional Life Project.
This is not a secret, scary club! You don't have to start from the very beginning to participate - or even finish your monthly goal to participate. We want you to feel comfortable starting mid-month. Or starting on the last week! Or, combining our goal tracker with your own goal-setting plans! All we really want is to encourage you and reward you in setting goals. So, what are you waiting for? Let's start something 

It's time to link up our March goals and progress for the Intentional Life Project - under the theme "Improving the Budget"! If you are taking part in the Intentional Life Project, we'd love for you to share your goal, your inspiration - or your favorite tips. If you don't have a blog, we'd love for you to share a copy of your goal tracker on Instagram! Don't forget to hashtag #IntentionalLifeProject! We also have an exclusive Google Plus Community for The Intentional Life Project. This is a fabulous way to share your goals and encourage each other with your monthly progress. Please email Ginny and request to be invited. Information about the project and a downloadable goal tracker can be found here. If you want to get just Intentional Life Project posts by email - sign up here!  


The Hosts
Ginny // Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram
Bre // Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


Sarah // Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


  1. Follow your hosts and co-hosts and enjoy reading about their monthly goals!
  2. Read a few fellow link-ups and comment on their blogs. After all, the goal is to cheer your friends on!
  3. Please link up your goal status, inspiration, tips, or progress! If you want, include a photo of your goal tracker! Please link up your exact post url - not your blog's homepage, unrelated projects, or giveaways. They will be deleted.
  4. Share! Let your friends know that you want them to join in! Don't forget to hashtag #IntentionalLifeProject!
The Intentional Life Project

where are we going to go from here?

03 March 2014

Whew! It has been quite awhile since I sat down at my laptop to compose a blog post. Whether you are just joining or stumbling through, I've spent the past 6-8 weeks authoring my dissertation, defending it and obtaining my Ph.D. after six long years [happy dance!!!]. 

I sort of feel like I'm at a crossroads unsure of where to go next, hence the title of this post. Consider this some sort of blah-blah rambling post if you will but I have no other idea of how to begin! Maybe it's because I've had this career goal for six years and now I need to figure out a new goal for my life.