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Slap Silly in Love

07 February 2014

Our theme this week is silly. Yup. Slap silly all up in here! 
[but at least we are stinking cute about it]

Happy Friday friends! 

5- I have 100 pages written of my dissertation and I am three weeks away from earning those three little letters for the second time in my life [get it? MRS. the first and now PhD].

4- I saw a mouse run through our kitchen two mornings ago. We caught him. But I can't get over thinking there are more waiting to appear....yuck!

3- I may or may not [but definitely am] getting loopy from all the work I have been doing. The "Tiny Toon Adventures" theme song may have come out of my mouth this morning! 

2- I need socks. Like bad. From regular old white socks to dress socks especially are void in my life. 

1- I am experiencing my first "lasts" at work. My last experiment, my last time putting gloves on, my last...etc.. you get it. AND IT IS GLORIOUS!

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