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my inner character

13 January 2014

mary poppins all don't know me. It's weird because you do KNOW a lot about me from reading along over the years. You don't know what my actual voice sounds like, my inflections on certain words or my mannerisms. It would be so interesting to hear your internal voice assign an accent to my written words.  

How would you describe yourself so that others could get a sense of who you are? 

Well, I've been thinking about this some. Actually, I'm working on my thesis and for some reason dissertation writing makes me think of weird distracting topics, thus I thought I should share. 

It might have taken me upwards of 27 going on 28 years to figure out how to describe myself:

a gangsta Mary Poppins

Slightly self-centered [come on, I blog for goodness sake!] but full of fun, incredibly organized, always prepared, lovable, witty and full of entertaining ideas! Oh! And I like rap music from the 1990's-2000's too--that's where the gangsta comes in. Turn on some Nelly, Usher, Fat Joe, Ludacris, R. Kelly or Lil Jon and the East Side Boys and I'm all over it. I just can't stop jukin'! Well, that's my randomness of the day! 

Who is your inner character? 

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