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Monthly Marriage Goals-January

07 January 2014

In January of last year I made a resolution to devote more thoughtful, intentional time with Mr. Collier. I aimed to do this by saying,"NO" to unnecessary obligations and evaluating where I spent my time. We also started our weekly breakfast dates as a way to connect with one another each week. I love that time. It is our special time together. 

 Marriage & Relationship Goals

I love the idea of setting goals and when Amberly developed the monthly marriage goals link-up, I seriously couldn't turn it down. She is such a sweet friend and the way she shares her marriage is constantly encouraging. 

For my first marriage goal of 2014, I am focusing in on the 5 Love Languages. Amberly and I are hosting the Meaningful Marriage Book Study throughout the entire month so I feel like completing this task will be a good goal. We just started to book on January 1st and there is always time to jump right in! 

I took the initial assessment and learned that my primary love languages are words of affirmation and receiving gifts. The idea is that everyone has a different set of love languages that often segregate into five main categories: receiving gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch and acts of serve. The way we receive and express love are often different from our partner's which can cause some conflicts in marriage. Through the study of the 5 Love Languages, I hope to learn Mr. Collier's love language and make an effort to express my love to him in his own language. Pretty cool stuff! 

January is also a very special month to us because our wedding anniversary is coming up. I can't believe two years has already gone by. On one hand it feels like no time at all and on the other hand I feel like I was never without him. We are such a part of each other's lives and families. Such a blessing! 

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