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i am second.

20 January 2014

For the past week, I have been participating in the 22 day I AM SECOND challenge. As a fan of Duck Dynasty, I saw the I AM SECOND film done on the Robertson Family over Thanksgiving and I was instantly hooked. 

When I had the opportunity to enter in this 22 days video study, I jumped at the opportunity. This study features Christians who share their struggles, addictions, insecurities and failures during a short film and how accepting Jesus and putting themselves second, life starts to change. All because of HIM. It is amazing what happens when we surrender our lives to Christ and make our life about glorifying Him. 

I chose to be baptized in the Catholic Church when I was a second-grader but truly gave myself to Christ as a teenager. That's when my prayer life became real.   

There were times in my life as a teenager where I might not have made the best decisions physically and emotionally. I felt distance between myself and God in college but every time I would come back, He would take me in with open arms. 

I am not perfect. In fact, I'm so dang flawed it is crazy! But in same breath of being honest with my deficiencies, I have to be respectful of the fact that God created me and loves me unconditionally. Every hair, birth mark, mole, cell in my body, and tooth in my mouth...He made. And that is what constantly fascinates me about science. The deeper I've learned about how life works on a sub-cellular level, the more awe I experience and greater appreciation that it is impossible, literally impossible, for it all to exist without God. 

As you might imagine, this is not a popular point of view within the scientific community. But it is my belief. Being a Christian and in science is a struggle, but I would have never made it through without Him. It is amazing what God can do. 

I pray and encourage you to surrender your life to Him and make Him first. Your life will literally never be the same. 

I am Sarah and I Am Second. 

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