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Happy New Year 2014!!!

01 January 2014

Welcome to day one of 2014, only 364 more to go!! Time really does move by faster as I get older. You know what I mean?

2013 in Review: 217 blog posts

January: I started off this year making five resolutions for my marriage, my community, my faith, my health and my finances.

February: Pinching pennies and meal planning were on my mind in February!

March: I rang in my 27 years of living by throwing myself an Office-themed birthday bash

April: With a committee meeting looming at the end of the summer, I started to critically evaluate my career path and aspirations. What did I come up with? Nada!

May: My favorite T.V. show of all time ended....bummerfest!

June: June was sort of a DIY-healthy month. I talked about recipes for making my own peanut butter and homemade fruit leather. I also shared tips on curbing that 3 p.m. hanger [hungry + angry] pain.

July: Mr. Collier and I took a break and made our way to Florida for a long weekend. It was super fun, historical and yes, even hysterical!

August: I shared my two-cents about  how to be a better blogger and all about blogger sponsorship!

September: My life was forever changed by the ending of Breaking Bad. I was also on a major pour-out-my-heart soapbox with posts on modesty, crying at work and a letter to myself at seventeen.

October: Amberly and I started the Meaningful Marriage Book Study and kicked it off with "The Love Dare." 14 ladies from around the country joined our Facebook group as we learned about our marriages, unconditional love and supported one another through the 40 day study! 

November: I was super grateful in November! Kelsey started a link-up for the 30 days of gratitude. My favorite post was on my marriage. Then I got in a car accident that left me with a concussion but we got a brand-new [to us] car!

December: I completed the BarreAmped Transformation Challenge. I shook my body and eliminated processed foods for 12 weeks resulting in 4.75" lost between my arms, abs, waist, hips and thighs! And I'm hovering about 10 lbs down from my starting weight! And we even survived a blended family Christmas!!

My 2014 New Year's Resolutions

I'm looking forward to 2014. Something sounds sweet about that very even number! After much thought and prayerful consideration...I share my New Year's Resolutions.

1. Save $1000 to open a ROTH.
2. Visit the library once a month and read a non-fiction book [preferably about primitive living].
3. Write a hand-written letter once a month to a random friend.
4. Workout at home.
5. Enjoy as many moments as I can.
6. Complete and defend my thesis = Ph.D.!!!

Happy New Year sweet friends!! 

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