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10 January 2014

I am all about savings and being frugal. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then you would have seen my major coupon deals this past week. By the way, if you are into deals and savings, I post my favorite deals that I find from my go-to savings blogs on those outlets so follow along with me!

It all started on Sunday with some eggs for $0.99 on sale at Walgreens. I combined that with an Ibotta digital deal and score those babies [ pun intended] for $0.49!!! That's 4 cents per egg! Can anyone say SCORE!!!

      2, 1L Colgate Optic White Mouthwash                           $5.99 ea
      2, All Detergent                                                     $ 2 @ $6.99
       Sub Total                                                                       $18.97
       Extra Care Bucks Used                                                -$11.00
       Coupons used                                                                -$7.00

*amount I paid out of pocket*                                              $ 2.98 [which includes tax]
        Extra Care Bucks Earned                                             $ 6.00

   Transaction 1

      3 BIC Solei Bella Razor 3-packs                                   $ 6.34 ea

       Sub Total                                                                      $19.01
       Coupons used                                                               -$9.99

*amount I paid out of pocket*                                            $10.98 [which includes tax]
        Gift Card Earned                                                          $5.00

    Transaction 2

      4 StarKist Tuna Pouches                                                $0.99 ea
      1 Bic Pens                                                                      $1.27 ea
       Sub Total                                                                       $5.23
       Coupons used                                                               -$3.00

       Total                                                                              $2.02 [which includes tax]
*amount I paid out of pocket*                                              $0.00 
       Paid with $5 gift card from Transaction #1                -$5.00

        Gift Card Earned                                                          $2.98

Let me be very clear that my couponing philosophy is simple. I am all about savings, not over purchasing and letting things go to waste. Since I've dabbled in couponing for the past two years, I have learned a lot about what I should and shouldn't buy just because it is a "good deal" because chances are, it will cycle back around again. This adventure is about reducing the output while increasing the input...catch my drift?

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