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The first step to healthier living is buying new yoga pants

03 January 2014

"Nothing motivates me like a new pair of yoga pants!"-said Sarah and every girl on the planet

I love to work out but when I get in a rut, it is next to near impossible to get back on the wagon. You been there?

And of the 45% of Americans who participate in setting New Year's Resolutions, two of the top 5 most popular resolutions are health related. Shocking? Not really....

Regardless if you made any resolutions you can take advantage of the bandwagon. I mean, come on! Cute workout wear is definitely a motivator for me to get my butt back in shape. Fortunately, stores are well aware that people are looking to stock up because there are some awesome and affordable sales going on right now that I just had to pass on. 

Old Navy is one of those stores having a killer clearance sale on fitness-wear! This is the type of deal where you stock up for friends NEXT Christmas!!!

[I have no affiliation with Old Navy, just sharing a good deal!]

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