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17 January 2014

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I love my husband. That is without a doubt. But despite how well we get along, marriage isn't always easy! I'm featuring our marriage in a new series called, you guess it, Colliers in Love. Every Friday I will post a picture of us at our breakfast date [yes we do breakfast every week] and share a tip or story about how we stay in love. Sound good? 

When we were first married, we attended a married people small group study at our church. We were the youngest couple, by far! Most were in their middle forties with kids in elementary school. Despite these differences, we learned some valuable lessons through those interactions, primarily, to spend time together

While most of the couples had young children, we were encouraged to set aside a special time together each week, one that was least likely to be interrupted. By establishing this "couple time" we could tap into the love language of quality time. We've discussed many an issue or strategized solutions over eggs and toast. Mr. Collier and I are blessed to work at the same place but in totally different areas so we spend tons of time together. But nothing is like breakfast for us. 

Why did we choose breakfast? Well, it is my favorite meal of the day, without question. And second, we considered our finances and family budget realizing that breakfast is a pretty inexpensive meal to at a restaurant. But a breakfast date doesn't work for every marriage. I suggest that you start by picking a day where you can set a standing appointment with your spouse or significant other...yes dating people can do this too! 

Would a happy hour at restaurant work better for your schedule? Perhaps you could pick a place in between your offices and meet there once a week? Or what about lunch on Sunday afternoons? Does it have to take place over a meal...well no. But the objective is to do something out of the ordinary routine of life. Your date time is special and your marriage is special. 

Let me know what you come up with!

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