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be a goal setter with Brooklyn

23 January 2014

I can't say enough positive things about Brooklyn. She is spunky, honest and pretty much adorable! She is in the sponsor spotlight this month and if you haven't check out what she has to say...well then put your seatbelt on because she is taking over today! Ladies and gentleman [yes because there is likely just one of your kind following along], meet Brooklyn!

Hello lovelies! I'm Brooklyn from A Little Too Jolley. I'm a newlywed, with a passion for writing love notes, cupcakes, and blogging.

All over Facebook I'm seeing people who are not setting goals. They are choosing to do so for various reasons. DON'T BE ONE OF THEM!

I personally LOVE setting goals. Call me a crazy psycho nerd, but I think setting and reaching goals is so fun!

This past year has been the first time I have learned what really makes goal setting really work for me. You've got to figure out for you what works. Blog about your goals, print them off in a cute font and stick it on your wall,  buy a super cute goals journal to write in, create an excel sheet, buy a sticker chart, whatever works for you! 

Then, start small. I am terrible at long term goals, but I do set monthly goals every single month. 30 days seems much more doable then trying to do something for 365 days, can I get an Amen? Here are some of my favorite goals I set this past year. Most of my goals change every month, lots of them stick, some of them don't. 

-Write at least 1 handwritten letter a week.
-Pray every morning for 3 minutes.
-Keep a tender mercies journal. 
-Do something fun with friends at least once a week.
-Call someone in my family every week.
-Watch one Disney movie a month.
-Take a relaxing bath before school.
-Drink hot chocolate more.
-Read from the New Testament every day.

Be a goal setter! It's okay to set simple goals. Choose goals that will make you happy. DO more things that will make you happy.

Happy 2014.
Go party like a rockstar. And come visit me!

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