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A Little Too Jolley Sponsor Spotlight

08 January 2014

It is my pleasure to introduce Brooklyn, author of A Little Too Jolley. We met through our wonderful mutual friend Amberly and the Monthly Marriage and Relationship Goals Link-Up

Brooklyn is simply wonderful. She's classy--the type of blogger that you should definitely get to know. Not only is she super friendly but is also a faithful woman. And somehow I got the privilege of introducing her to you!

Brooklyn and her husband live in Utah and actually met through a blogging friend! 8 weeks after meeting they were engaged and the Jolley times began...get it? She and Mr. Jolley [which was the perfect last name for her since she is so optimistic and upbeat] plan fantastic dates for one another such as dinners at Chick-fil-A, her ultimate favorite place or anything to capitalize on quality time! They are incredibly intentional about their marriage taking the time to share love notes to express appreciation and connect with one another despite having busy lives. Mr. Jolley's love language is Acts of Service so Brooklyn shares her monthly marriage goal of lending a helping hand to speak his language. Love it!!! 

Looking at her top posts from 2013, my heart is swells with joy just looking at the button images! You know what I mean? Her passion for her marriage is incredibly inspiring. One of my absolute favorite posts from Brooklyn is her 10 Truths post. It is just too good not to share! 

1. It's okay to eat cookies for breakfast.

2. Not everyone is going to like you.

3. Sharing the good is not always bragging. 

4. Buying the shoes this ONE time will not ruin your finances.

5. Holidays are not just for children & teachers.

6. You are not who you were in high school. 

7. You are a human first.
 You are a great daughter, wife, friend, etc. But you are a human first, so you're not going to be perfect, and you will make mistakes.

8. Working hard is better than being smart.

9. Confidence is built.

10. Who YOU are makes a difference. 

I'm beyond thrilled to have Brooklyn in the Spotlight for the entire month! Stop by her blog and send her some love. Tell her I sent you and that you are also excited to get to know her! She is currently accepting sponsors and I'd highly recommend her to you! I might just appear there in the near future! 

Did you see my post on the ins & ours of blog sponsorship? Well, I only offer one Sponsor Spotlight position per month meaning that all of my efforts are focused on you and your blog. I want to get to know you and help you grow no matter what. Did I mention that I have a gift for encouragement???

Visit my sponsor page for more details! The next spot is wide open! 

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