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Meaningful Marriage Study: The 5 Love Languages

16 December 2013

Hello sweet friends! Remember how through the month of October, Amberly @ Life with Amberly and Joe joined me in an awesome marriage-growing study of The Love Dare? Well, we are at it again to kick off the New Year.

So...why am I telling you about this now? Well, that is because I am inviting you to be a part of our virtual book club! Blogger or not, all are invited! And the more the merrier

Have you heard or read The 5 Love Languages before? Written by Dr. Gary Chapman, The 5 Love Languages decodes how you express and perceive love. This becomes important as the way we express love and the way our partner receives love might be way off, even though we mean well. We just need a translator! The 5 Love Languages is just that!

Start by finding your love language. 

Even though I've read The 5 Love Languages years ago when Mr. Collier and I first started dating, things have changed. My priorities have shifted and so I feel it might be time to dive back in. The challenge is to see if Mr. Collier might actually want to join me in the study. 

To begin, take the online assessment to discover your love language.

My Love Language(s)

The 30 preference choice assessment results revealed that I am a "Words of Affirmation" and "Gifts" person. The words of affirmation is not surprising as I'm always asking for Mr. Collier to tell me that I look pretty or to praise me. Wow. That is quite the embarrassing and truthful statement about myself right there. Congratulations, you just moved into the inner circle. 

My least was "Acts of Service" which is totally true!! I love when Mr. Collier is helpful around the house or does little projects but don't feel love by the laundry being done. Call me crazy but it just makes sense to me!

The Meaningful Marriage "The 5 Love Languages " Study Details

  • Pick up The 5 Love Languages or ask for it in your stocking!!! 
  • Begin to read it and be sure to complete it by January 31st.
  • Join the discussion on our Facebook group throughout January.
  • Link-up with Amberly and I on the 31st of January to share what we've learned.

What are your primary love languages? Were you surprised?

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