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Money Managing and Gratitude for T.V. Shows

19 November 2013

Let's talk about budgets for a moment. 

I hate [that's right] HATE to budget. First off, I'm not spectacular at math. So yeah. It is challenging. Second, I know how important it is to budget and the fact that I'm not super awesome at it makes feel feel like a biggo failure! You know what I mean?

But really, it is important. 

Especially when there are huge wrenches thrown into the mix as in a car accident which results in a new car purchase. Having an idea where all of your money goes becomes a lot more important. Before the impending purchase of our new car, I really had no idea where our money went after the essentials were paid. All I knew was that by the end of the month we had very little left over. 

Have you heard of Dave Ramsey? He's the creator of Financial Peace and has some great educational tools on home finances, debt, etc. So he has this cash-based envelope budget strategy. Basically, by having cash you regain the responsibility and value of a dollar instead of just swiping with your credit or debit card. Pretty easy right?

Now, Mr. Collier and I sat down at our kitchen table after our first trip to Carmax. And we decided to try out an adapted envelope method. Each month, we are allotted a total cash amount. Let's say it is $100. Each week, we receive $25 to spend on joint things like our breakfast on Fridays, coffee during the workday or any other entertainment-related purchase. So far, it has been one week and has been successful. 

And now, ladies and gentlemen I have to share with you the latest addition to the Collier family. 

Day 19: Today I am grateful for my stories, if I were an 80 year old grandma. From Glee to Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother and of course The Office!!

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