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Make your home smell like William Sonoma and Nashville #30dog

21 November 2013

Yummy! Delicious! What's cooking? That's what people will be saying when they walk into your house! 

So what does it take? Well, some sort of citrus. The standard recipe is lemons, rosemary and a drop or two of vanilla. But I've also used orange peels [after a snack] with some cloves. 

Basically boil these items in some water but be sure that there is enough water so they items don't burn. Yuck. 

You can do a low boil for 4-6 hours and your home will smell lovely!!! Consider it upcycling or recycling. 

Day 21: Today I am grateful for Nashville. I've really lived in three places: Chicago, Kentucky and Nashville. And I absolutely love Nashville. From the people who are wonderful to the rich musical talent in the city--Nashville is truly a unique place to live. On top of it all, the food is out of this world!!! So, whether you just left or you've never been consider a visit because you won't regret it!

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