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Ebay Fashion, Cozy socks and Grateful for Southwest Airlines

20 November 2013

I am a mega huge fan of shopping at thrift stores and on ebay (my guide to shopping on ebay) to update my wardrobe. Somehow I get the satisfaction of recycling by taking in poor deserted clothing instead of them ending up in the garbage or worse, abandoned and unloved! 

There are so many awesome pieces out there in the world waiting to be discovered! I found this skirt on ebay and took a chance. For $6, I secured it. And it creates quite the fashionable outfit!! 

Speaking of fashion, I couldn't help but share what I've been wearing around the house as we are holding off on turning the heat on as long as possible!!!

Day 20: Today I am grateful for Southwest Airlines. I am a loyal Southwest flyer and truly detest having to board any other airline. Not only are the staff people wonderful but I will be putting my life in their hands again today as I head out of town for a conference. 

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