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#30dog, health and a car accident

07 November 2013

Day 7: I am grateful for my health. I have been blessed to not experience many health difficulties besides season allergies and the downstream effects such upper and lower airway infections. I broke my elbow in kindergarten. When I was six, I had my tonsils removed and next to that, the only other surgery I've had is removal of my wisdom teeth as a senior in high school. So it has really been smooth sailing. 

In biomedical research, you realize how many people are actually sick in this world and truly how many diseases [although fascinating] we don't have any idea how to cure. But that is why research is so important!!! I feel so blessed that we are privileged to live without fear of horrible diseases like malaria, measles, small pox and polio. I don't usually stand on soapboxes but vaccination is one that I cannot advocate on behalf of enough. What sort of an immunologist would I be?

Tuesday night I was in my first "real" car accident. I was the 5th car to be hit out of 6. And I was hit pretty hard, I think, by the main individual who caused the accident. I was singing in my car and the next thing I knew I heard screeching and smashing behind me. As I looked into the mirror, all I saw were headlights and I felt the impact. Before I knew it, I was spun 180 degrees from the left hand lane to the right hand lane facing oncoming traffic and about to crash into a rock wall. With God's blessing, two of the four cars that were struck before me blocked the oncoming traffic so that I was safe. All six cars suffered some sort of damage but everyone remained relatively unharmed besides minor bumps and bruises. 

It was surreal. I had no idea it was coming. Even though Sally took the brunt of the injury, I have a minor concussion as determined by my check-up today. My head is a little foggy, my body hurts and I am incredibly sleepy.

But it could have been much, much worse. So I am beyond grateful for my health.  

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