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Meeting Blogging Friends in Real Life

28 October 2013

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Peacoats & Plaid

Why do you blog? Is it a creative outlet for you in your life? Do you blog for the extra income? Are you a fan of documenting your life? Or do you blog to make friends with similar interests?

Well, I started blogging because I had recently gotten engaged. But that's old news! [You can read more about my story in the "about me" section.] But I've realized that I truly love the friendships that I've been able to develop through blogging. Do you have fellow bloggers that you comment regularly on each other's blogs, text, chat, Skype or even hang out in real life? I do!

Take my "big" Ashley at Let's Get Bananas. A few months ago she and some fellow Texan bloggers visited Nashville and I had the opportunity to brunch with her. Or Chelsey at Patti Cake. When I found out she lived 10 minutes away from my work, we just had to meet for coffee! Then my dear Amberly who lives in UTAH and I have been keeping up for awhile. Not only do we have tons in common thought Google Hangout we found out we pretty much have the same couch! Lastly, there is Kelsey, my first recipient of a Cara Box in Nebraska who sends me the most amazing snap chats throughout the week! Thank God for technology because I would never have the opportunity to connect with these women! 

Have you met any of your blog friends? Within these past two weeks, I have met two of my friend bloggers for the first time. Now, I don't know about you but it sort of feels normal. I mean, non-bloggers would totally think it was strange but really it isn't. It it reminiscent of a blind date but not so blind because you know what they look like and you hear their voice through their posts. But my favorite part of meeting blog friends is adding an audible voice. Jackie at Health, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness just relocated to Nashville and she and I had a chance to sit down for pizza and a pumpkin patch visit last weekend! And this past Saturday, I met up with my first Cara Box Exchange sender, Cassie at A Southern Pair! We chatted over chai lattes at a local coffee shop that tastes like Christmas. No big deal. 

So you might be wondering what Mr. Collier thinks about all of this? Or how do you explain to friends that aren't bloggers about your blogging friends? Well friends, I've gotta say that I am loud and proud about my blogging and fellow bloggers that I meet up with. In fact, when Jackie attended the pumpkin patch with me, I was the first time I was able to introduce a blog friend with my real life friends from Church and she fit right in! And I was so pleased that she was able to join us!

Tell me about meeting your blogging friends and how you deal with the blog/real life friend balance. Is it weird? Super awkward? Or just fun?


  1. I had the pleasure of meeting 3 of my blogging friends when I traveled to Colorado and Utah this summer. (I was supposed to meet up with Amberly but couldn't make it! Bummer!) It was so cool. I was startled at first finally hearing their voices haha

    I think one of the big things I learned is that you'll have expectations of what the blogger is like. I was really good blogging friends with one blogger, but when we met in person we didn't quite mesh as well as I thought we would. And another blogger and I didn't mesh so well online, but in real life you would have thought we knew each other forever!


  2. I just give up on explaining it to people. No one gets it, actually no one bothers to really understand. I try my best to just say "oh my friend from so-and-so state" instead. I love my blog friends so much and to have a closer bond with some of them over the friends in real life is quite amazing. I'm not sure what I'd do without technology actually. I'd probably die!!

  3. I'm so glad we are blogging friends as well!!!! :) We need another Google Hang out soon, chatting on gmail chat is not good enough for me!!!

  4. haha that pumpkin patch was A LOT OF FUN :) let's hang out more, please!

  5. So glad that we FINALLY got to hang out! We should do it again soon!!