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Meaningful Marriage Love Dare Study

01 October 2013

Today marks the day of an incredibly journey that I am thoroughly excited to take, The Love Dare. My dear friend Amberly and I started the Meaningful Marriage book study as a way to connect as friends, support each other and grow stronger marriages. Join us for this 40 day study by linking up your goals in the post below and join our Facebook Group where we will have discussions happening throughout each week of the study. Make sure to post on social media with #meaningfulmarriage. 

Why I'm Taking The Love Dare

I'm coming up on two years of marriage with Mr. Collier this January. I've never been married before nor am I an expert on marriage but I would deem our progress so far as a success. We have fun. We respect each other and look out for each other in addition to connecting on levels that I've never hit with another person. In total, its been 5 years since we started dating and I'd like to ground our passion and gain perspective for the next 5.

The Love Dare's purpose is to grow and foster the unconditional love that is promised between husbands and wives at the alter. Life often places the practice of unconditional love on the back burner. Life gets busy and in the way of a lot of things include marriages.  I experience exhaustion after working all day long and it is sometimes a struggle to show appreciation and unconditional love towards Mr. Collier. Have you been there? 

I took The Love Dare marriage evaluation and boy was that revealing! I went for my first gut response on all the questions. It is a quick evaluation, you should really check it out if you are participating! Sort of makes me feel like a bad spouse but this is why I am doing The Dare to begin with! 

I hope that these 40 days become a transformative experience that will shake and reinforce the very foundation of my marriage. I can't wait to share this journey with you!  

What are your goals for these next 40 days?

Meaningful Marriage Book Study

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  1. First of all, I LOVE that picture of you guys! Second of all, BEAUTIFULLY written!!!