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Life, Style, Love--October Sponsor Spotlight

09 October 2013

I am beyond thrilled to introduce my October Sponsor, Samantha at Life Style Love. She is just awesome! She knows who she is, she is grounded in faith, and is totally in love with her husband, Parker! The met at the beginning of high school, a typical boy and girl shamelessly flirt, grab a label then start dating officially when they were a little older. Just after graduating they married and have been living in the high life ever since [they just celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary]. Their own fairy tale! For fun, Samantha and Parker spend their free time with family and friends, like their besties Samantha's recently engaged brother and his fiancee. During the summer you can meet her at the lake!    

Loving the Lake

Samantha is quite the creative type...just ask her barista at Caribou Coffee [I LOVE CARIBOU ]! She digs a 16 oz. skim latte with a mixture of hazelnut and marshmallow! I would have never mixed those two flavors but she swears by it! [I'll be trying this next time, Samantha] With her cup of coffee or glass of wine in hand, she digs blogs by 20-30 somethings who write about their life and provides inspiration of how to be healthier, to be a better wife, pray more, run, laugh or create something. Speaking of making something...Samantha loves her Hobby Lobby! Especially with the fall and her brother's wedding coming! Check out her awesome DIY jewelry rack and wooden headboard! My girl's got some skills! [Seriously, Life Style Love is one blog that you must follow!]

Life Style Love started after relocating to a brand new place from their lifelong hometown of Fargo. She blogs about her weekends, the food on her table, DIY projects and her personal goals like fitness and healthy living. As far as blogging goes, she hopes to keep making her blog better and growing her readership. But she is the first to point out that numbers aren't what it is all about. It is about relationships, connecting and sharing our lives as bloggers. She is looking to get her blog "out there" in the blog-o-sphere and in my opinion, she has a wonderful blog--everyone should know Samantha! Be sure to stop by and check her out. I mean how could you not?! She'll be hanging out with me for the next 30 days! So take off your shoes and stay awhile! 

I only provide one big-time sponsor spot per month which allows all my attention to focus on you, your blog and promoting the wonderful things that you say and do! Interested?  Visit my sponsor page or email me for more info! 

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  1. I just found her blog a month or so ago, she's so sweet!