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Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk Product Review

16 October 2013

I went to get my brows waxed the other day [ the day after being paid for a babysitting gig] and I received a wonderful compliment from the aesthetician. Let me preface this by saying that I only see her once or twice a year and faithfully maintain my brows on my own the majority of the time. So it has been AWHILE. She took one look at my mug and said that my skin looked amazing and asked what I had been using. 

I have very sensitive skin and don't really use products with fragrance. Everything I use on my skin is hypoallergenic. When I do wear makeup, I go Bare Essentials all the way! Actually, my skin care routine is quite boring! But I found this great product, Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk that I had to share with you because I love it!

It smells lovely, is organic and makes my skin feel silky smooth. 

What do you use on your face?


  1. Is this a moisturizer or cleanser? I use Neutrogena to wash and scrub, The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil-based toner, Aveeno moisturizer in the morning, and the Tee Tree Oil-based moisturizer at night...phew!

  2. I love love love Juice Beauty. I got one of their moisturizers as a sample in a Birch Box. I have sensitive skin and was a little hesitant to use it but am oh-so-grateful that I did try it! It is a wonderful product line. =]