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I got a maple syrup guy...

30 October 2013

I pride myself in having a "guy" for just about anything. Car's broken down? I gotta guy. Need a bang trim? I gotta guy. How about raw maple syrup? I got a guy for that one too!

It was our honeymoon...

...and we just arrive in Jamaica. If you have ever been on a Sandal's vacation you'll know that when you arrive at your destination you get put on a shuttle to transport you from the airport to your resort. The size of the shuttle depends on how many passengers are being transported. In our case we were with only one other couple. Turns out these sweet friends were not on their honeymoon but rather soaking in vacation before their busy season. 

Through conversation we came to learn they Linda and Jeff were maple syrup farmers from VT. I never met anyone from VT before! Let alone maple syrup farmers! Throughout our stay we would bump into Linda and Jeff around the resort and we made sure by the end of our trip that we would exchange contact information. Linda promised that they would send a little something from VT when they got home.

Well, we expected a small bottle of maple syrup as a tester but when the box arrived, it was heavy!! 

Turns out they sent us a 1/2 gallon of their product!! We were floored and it has since become one of the greatest stories from our honeymoon!  Since meeting them in 2012, we order about a 1/2 gallon a year, sometimes two, now that I am clean eating. Maple syrup and honey are the only two sweeteners that I use. And man this stuff is delicious!! It puts the synthetic crap to shame!! If you want ordering information, please feel free to email me ( I'd be happy to put you in touch with Jeff and Linda.


  1. A maple syrup guy, lol! So random yet so convenient right?! ;)

  2. Yummy!!! I make homemade maple syrup but um... it's basically all sugar and water :P

  3. I might have to get that info because I was spoiled by having access to good, local maple syrup back home!

  4. I love using maple syrup as a sweetener. I put a little in the bottom of my coffee cup before I brew!

  5. Oh cool! I'm pretty sure we've bought maple syrup from them before! Small world, right!