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BarreAmped Transformation Challenge Week 6--BIG GIVEAWAY!!!

21 October 2013

Ok friends! It has literally taken all that I have to keep my mouth shut about this giveaway [I can't believe I did it!!]. I am beyond pleased with my results both physically and mentally with the BarreAmped Transformation challenge that I just had to contact Suzanne Bowen (creator of BarreAmped) to bring you, no matter where you live, access to her fitness method. She offers online streaming videos for $10 per month but I am giving away 30 days of streaming videos for free! 

And what better way to ring in the half way mark of my 12 week challenge as well as jump start your own fitness!! Are you excited?! 

Peacoats & Plaid


  1. LOVE this! I would love to do these in the comfort of my own casa!

  2. That is a great prize. I really want to find a class but doing it from home would be even better!

  3. Wow this is awesome!! Fingers crossed ;)

  4. what a cool giveaway! New follower from The Collective :)