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BarreAmped Transformation Challenge Week 4

07 October 2013

Well friends, it has been one month. If you haven't been around these parts very long, I am one-third of the way through a BarreAmped Transformation Challenge.  You can check out my first update here. In between updates, I am blowing up my Twitter and Instagram!!  

Participation in the Transformation Challenge requires three things:
 1. Clean eating i.e. elimination of processed foods and keeping glycemic index low.
 2. Attending a minimum of 3 classes per week.
 3. Measurements every 4 weeks. 

I'm still hovering between 4-6 BarreAmped classes per week. I decided that I am going to start incorporating more advanced classes to my weekly routine just to shake things up a bit. They offer advanced classes as well as ones named "FIRE" if that gives you any indication of the level of difficulty. It literally lights your muscles on FIRE. Yup, looking forward to that. I enjoy the challenge and the changes I can truly see in my body over the last year that I've been a client.

I had a really, truly rough week. It was a stressful and emotional roller coaster. Unfortunately, I made some decisions and broke some rules of my clean eating diet. I crumbled under the pressure and am feeling the effects of it. As I sit here and write, I would be a bold-faced liar if I told you that I had it all "under control." So now, I'm drinking as much water and green tea to flush my system back to normal. The worst part of it all is that it is week 4, measurement week. I'm paranoid about getting measured this week. I'll update you as soon as I know!

I've been incorporating smoothies with chia seeds into my diet with Kiefer as the base. Also, my dear friend Morgan made an awesome homemade applesauce recipe for me that I will be sharing with you later this week. I love dry roasted and unsalted pistachios as well as almonds. I also took a leap and made some tuna salad which turned out to be baller! Dinnertime has been very vegetable heavy with the exception of some awesome wild caught salmon!! I am very excited for fall recipes like butternut squash soup that I hope to tackle this week! 


  1. I've had plenty of days where I fell off my diet and felt awful the next day. But you're already back on track so I'm sure your measurements will be just fine!

  2. You are awesome!!!! I'm sure your hard work has paid off. I just started my fitness challenge today, and I'm nervous to see how it goes for me!

  3. Off days happen, your hard work will still show off! Sounds like you're doing awesome :)

  4. I feel like every good routine has to have an "off" week - it's normal and it's what makes you motivated to get after it again! I'm sure you're doing great and you've already stuck with it for 4 weeks - that's awesome! You'll have to share if you like the butternut squash soup - I've never made a fall soup like that but I'm thinking about it!

  5. That place is super close to wear my new job is...I need to restart my workouts. I move on Friday, so I may need to look into it.

  6. Found you hanging out on Let's Get Banana's sidebar with me!
    Love the fitness updates, can't wait to follow along! :)