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New Year's Resolutions Update--October, Really?

30 September 2013

I realize it is still September, but I have a big blog reveal tomorrow so I have to share my New Year's Resolutions progress a day early. Check out my original New Year's Post as well as my JanuaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugust, and September updates.

Resolution 1:
What I aimed for:  I am going to continue my pursuit of a better me by increasing my exercise habits, reducing my sugar intake, cutting carbs and substituting tea for coffee after 8 a.m. I will be working on staying hydrated throughout the day keeping my tummy full and my system clean.

How it is going: AWESOME!!! Over the past four weeks, I've been participating in the Transformation Challenge #shaketochange. I have to attend a BarreAmped class at least 3-4 times a week [which I was doing already] in addition to clean eating i.e. no processed foods, refined sugar or white flour-based foods. I'm already down five pounds since I started! AND, I've got an exciting giveaway of 30 days of free BarreAmped streaming videos coming up in two weeks so make sure you stick around for that!

Resolution 2:
What I aimed for: I am going to reduce my frivolous spending on clothes, coffee, snacks and groceries while upping my personal savings.

How it is going: Mr. Collier and I had a great conversation that embodies how the financial climate is. Mr. Collier: "We have $28 in our bank account. Got to last us until Monday when we get paid"
Me: "Ok. Well, we are down to our last rolls of toilet paper. What's on the rolls is it. So if we have to spend our last $28, we should spend it on that!"

Personal savings wise, I'm doing great! I even splurged and bought new shoes [that's because my old cheapo flats made my feet smell horrible!!!! Trust me, it was warranted.] I've been sifting through my clothing and getting rid of clothes that I hardly wear. Pictures to come on that!

Resolution 3:
What I aimed for: I aim to spend time with the Lord each day in prayer, Bible study and prayer journaling.

How it is going: I am still reading my daily verse on the Bible App on my phone. I was thinking of posting that verse daily as a way of spreading hope and the Gospel to my friends, readers and family.  I'm really digging my Christian radio at work [93.7 The Fish on my iHeart Radio app]. Starting today, I am going to be reading through Proverbs for the entire month, 31 days. 

If you have any prayer requests that I can be praying for you, please email me Nothing means more to me than lifting you up! 

Resolution 4:
What I aimed for: I aim to spend one day per month volunteering in my community and giving my time to those around me.

How it is going: I started volunteering my time towards planning a career event for high school girls called TWISTER (Tennessee women in science, technology, engineering, and research). I participated on this committee last year and it was an awesome day! Also, I started meeting monthly with the high school girls at church and so I'm trying to come up with an event this month! Any ideas?

Resolution 5:
What I aimed for: I am to spend less time and say,"no," to every obligation and spend more quality time with my husband.

How it is going: Things are going super well for us in the marriage department! Tomorrow I start THE LOVE DARE with some fantastic blogger friends. Interested in joining us? Join our Facebook Group and grab the book before tomorrow! 

What do you think are the most difficult New Year's Resolutions to keep?

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  1. The whole "this money has to last until pay day" thing is the worst!!!!!! haha, but there is so much other money in savings :P let's just transfer that. That's what I say to Joe ALL the time!

  2. Good job at achieving your September goals! I recently discovered your blog through Amberly and I love it. What part of Tennessee are you from? I'm currently living in Murray, KY just a few minutes' drive from Puryear and Paris, TN.

  3. You're kickin butt! I'm unfortunately sucking at any/all goals I've set! I should look back and see what mine all were to see how I'm progressing on them :) Can't wait for the big announcement!