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It Is Just Stuff

11 September 2013

Two days ago everything was entirely normal. It was Monday. Mr. Collier and I went to work. After having a productive day, we came home. That's when it all changed...

Our neighbors were standing outside of their townhouse looking a little frantic. Turns out they had been robbed. I was shocked! Looking at the crime watch website through the police department in our first year in our townhome there was minor crimes surrounding our neighborhood just as there are surrounding any college campus. Some B&E, but nothing serious. Well, flash forward four years later now our street has a stinking little dot.

But this incident really shook me up! I had never experienced anything like this before. My immediate reaction was to check our renter's policy and take pictures of all of our expensive possessions. Fear and worry set in. What if our home was next? What would protect us? How could we prepare?

I slept horribly and suddenly awoke at every sound. The air conditioner, Mr. Collier murmuring about something in his sleep, the cell phone vibrating letting me know I had received a message, etc. Crappy sleep.

When I woke up this morning, I was in a horrible mood as I contemplated breaking our schedule to "throw-off" any perps that might be watching. And after some cooling down I realized that no matter how hard we tried, if someone really wanted to break into our house they would. We've done our part. And the fact of the matter is, it is all just stuff. Possessions don't make us. I mean, what would happen if our home burnt to the ground or there was a terrible storm and it washed away? Would that make me any less of Sarah or Mr. Collier less of himself? NO.

Why is there such an expectation of "things" in our culture? Why do we cling to inanimate objects? I don't have answers for either of those, but it certainly is an interesting thought to ponder.

 Have you ever experienced or have been a victim of a robbery?  

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  1. I think what shakes me up is not the loss of possessions but the invasion of private, sacred space. I've had my car broken into twice, my car stolen, my phone stolen, and my family home has been broken into and robbed a few times... In SA the usual reaction is 'well, at least you weren't hurt/raped/murdered/tortured' which I find ridiculous. Sure, there's always room to be grateful, but I see no reason to be 'happy' that while they took possessions they didn't do any more - they shouldn't have done anything. Ok, rant over.
    But I know how you feel, and admire your stance... It's God who protects, and our faith is in Him... not in crime-watch/alarms/routine/insurance/beams etc.

  2. How scary!! I agree with you--it's just stuff. We can protect it to the best of our abilities and then, it's in God's hands.

  3. I will be working with my boyfriend to run more. We are researching spots in our neighborhoods that are good for running.

  4. Good attitude to have about all of that! I'd be just as worried as you if something like that happened to one of my neighbors. But you're right - there's no reason to be worried all the time because if it happens, it happens.

  5. Way to change your attitude about it!!! It's hard to think that way, but so true! Why are we so obsessed with our random possessions, a lot of them don't even hold that much significance!

  6. That must have been so scary. My Dad's house burned down a few years ago and it was so hard for him as I can imagine, the good side was he got a new home. All the things he didn't have time or money to fix. He lost a lot of possession but it is just stuff. Memories are saved in our hearts and mines, nobody can take that away from you.