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Hello little ladybug

20 September 2013

Have you lost someone special or close you? I did. In 2010, I lost my grandma.  Growing up, she was my babysitter, the only one who watched me besides my parents. She was special. One of my first memories was her teaching me to tie my shoes. We hung out before school and after. She bought me snacks at the grocery store that my mom would never let me have! She taught me to make my first homemade pizza. She told me stories and made up songs with me. We played dress up. In the summertime, she'd pick me up for breakfast and allow me to order whatever I wanted. As a teenager, she looked out for me. She gave me my first job of washing her windows or dusting her knick-knacks. In college, I'd spend most weekends at home or at my grandma's house going through photos and hearing the stories behind the image. 

Losing her is a hurt that I'm not sure I'll ever get over.

After she passed away, I started seeing ladybugs. Always one at a time either on my window, door, car, in my house. In between the time of her funeral and the internment of her ashes, I started to notice this trend but didn't share it with anyone because it sort of sounds crazy--that my grandma would be in "ladybug" form. And I certainly don't believe in reincarnation. But I always thought of her when I saw one. When we put her ashes into the wall my mom told me that ever since grandma passed, she started seeing this yellow butterfly. First in the backyard at grandma's house then in our backyard. Turns out the same looking butterfly showed up at the cemetery during the service and practically chased the car as we pulled away. Tears rolled down my face as my mom shared with me her thought about grandma and the butterfly. Then I told her my version with ladybugs.

Why ladybugs? I don't know! It is curious because my mom has a hat pin that sticks into the cloth visor of her car. It has been in every car that she has owned. And it is a ladybug. It looks so real that people often get confused! For our wedding, grandma couldn't be present. So my mom and I decided to stick that hat pin into my bouquet so that grandma's memory could be present during my wedding.

A ladybug drove with me to work yesterday and it prompted me to share my story with you. 

Have a wonderful weekend and watch out for ladybugs. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this story with me last night! I think it is really special and I love it! :)

  2. awww... I've lost a best friend of mine 7 yrs this Dec 31. My gma had aug 31 and it was a year this year. :( my moms mom. My dad's step dad passed 4 days after i graduated high school and that was 11 yrs ago this year.

  3. This is so special and sweet! I love hearing that your grandma is making her appearance in your life so subtlety! Great share :)